One key part of the house for the whole family is your children’s bedroom. Not only does this give them their own space to relax in, but it is also somewhere that they can go to give you some peace at times! It is really important to give them a space that they not only want to spend time in but that is also fabulous.

If your child’s bedroom is in need of some TLC, then there are some great ways to give it a quick makeover. Most are not that expensive and don’t require any special DIY skills. Read on to find out more about how you can give them a bedroom they will love.

Top tips on decorating your children’s bedroom

While the basics of room decoration are the same as in other rooms in your house, the way that you dress your child’s room is a bit different. Just remember that you are going for a functional yet inviting look that is easy to clean when they inevitably make a mess.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Shutterswindow shutters are a great choice to give some individual style and personality to your children’s bedroom. They are easy to put up (especially if you choose a company that does it for you!) and even simpler to keep clean. They are also brilliant at regulating the amount of light that comes into their room and helping to keep the temperature pleasant. Available in a range of styles and colours, they look amazing and give a different option from standard curtains or blinds.
  • Wall decals – another great way to add some individual personality to each child’s room is with wall decorations. These are fairly cheap to buy and as simple as sticking them onto the bedroom wall. You can find lots of the most popular characters here to use as well as generic wall stickers. This is a great one to get your children involved with as they will love helping to choose the stickers and put them on.
  • Bean bag – you need to make your child’s bedroom a place where they are able to relax and enjoy spending time. Adding in comfy seating such as a bean bag is a great way to do just that. Your child will love slouching on this in their room. To get your hands on the best bean bag that would just be right for your kid, checking out a review site like could be worth your while. Once you know the options available, you can choose one keeping in mind the material of the bag, its color, and other factors of your interest.
  • Mirror – this is one for when they get a bit older and begin to take an interest in how their hair looks! In truth, a stylish mirror is a great home décor tip anyway as it adds more light to the room and gives the illusion of more space. There are some really fabulous types to choose from, so you can get the right kind for your particular child.

Give your children the bedroom they deserve

Although your kids don’t define your whole life, you naturally want to give them the best of everything. The above decorating tips for their bedroom will allow you to do that and give them a room they will love. Who knows, they might like it so much that they actually keep it tidy!