I’m Ella Rose West, I’m a selfish mum, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I love my husband, and I love my kids, they’re the most precious things in my world, but it doesn’t mean they’re the only things in it. Rightly or wrongly, I like having my own life, my own space to do what I want, as I feel I owe it to myself to be more than just a wife and mum. Selfish?

 The Husband


Jack, getting what he asks for…


I’ve been married to Jack for almost 7 years now. Sickeningly, we were childhood sweethearts, but, after spending a decade apart during which time I got my degree, travelled a bit and started my career, while Jack spent the years pining for me on a daily basis (well, I like to believe that’s what he was doing), we met up again, and …well, let’s just say I’ve never been happier.

 The Banes of My Life (aka the Loves of My Life)



Chris…possibly the next Stevie G?

And then Christopher came along. He’s 8 now, loves Moshi Monsters and Ben 10, wants to play for Liverpool when he grows up (actually, some days I think he could probably get in their team now), will only eat tuna on his sandwiches, and likes, as I’ve recently discovered, the occasional dog biscuit.



My happy little boy!

Harry’s almost 6, and a pain in my backside the majority of the time. It’s a good job he’s cute and looks like a mini version of his dad. His favourite thing to do right now is to stick our bank cards / driving licences / gas meter card, or anything else of value into the DVD player. Why he can’t just develop an obsession of sticking his fingers into a plug socket like any normal child is beyond me. But he’s fabulous at giving cuddles, so I haven’t had him adopted just yet.

 So What’s My Blog About?

However much I love them, my blog isn’t going to centre around my kids and husband. It may be shocking, and it may be controversial, but it will be unashamedly honest, and will definitely be me.

I’ve decided to blog because I’m being driven mad by the lack of mental stimulation available to me during the day. Jeremy Kyle doesn’t quite cut it, and, surprisingly, nor does finding the answers to the endless stream of questions Harry bombards me with on a daily basis, such as, Do elves have to go to the bathroom? and, Would you rather kiss a squirrel or a rabbit on the mouth? .



This is an old pic, but one of my faves! I love their cheeky faces…


I qualified as an English teacher 12 years ago, and taught up until Chris was born. I went back to teaching when my maternity ended, and taught until I had Harry, but it didn’t work out for me really after that. I was trying to be the best mother and best teacher I could be, but felt that I was failing at both, and so decided I had to choose between the roles, and that’s what I’ve done, and I’m happy with my choice (though secretly I am longing to get back into the classroom when the boys are both at school full-time). I do a bit of supply teaching every now and then, and take on a bit of tutoring near GCSE exam time, but I’m so lucky that Jack and I are in the position in which we have the luxury to choose whether I work at the moment or not, and mothers who work whilst they’re raising young children have nothing but my absolute respect! But I love writing, and miss the mental challenge that teaching provided me, and so want to channel my efforts into this blog…

And what about Jack?  What does he do for a living?  I’d have to ask him.  He sits on his PC 24 hours a day only coming up to give me a kiss and to fetch himself some cheap cookies.  (As I’m writing this he is making jokes about computer cookies – Ah Jack).  EDIT:  He has some sort of a website about how to buy twitter followers.  Good lord!

I’m going to write about anything and everything I’m passionate about. I love adventure and sporting activities, and am trying to do something a little bit different at least once a week…I’ll keep you updated – but if you have any suggestions on anything new and different I could try, or anything you’d recommend, please let me know! I want to write about books, films, clothes, whatever I feel like at the time, I guess.


I would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on anything I write, be it good or bad. There’s nothing better than a good debate, especially one that doesn’t end in me saying, “Just because, now go to your room”!


I’d love to hear from other mums…what do you all do for a break? How do you hold on to that one tiny scrap of sanity you have left? Has anyone been driven to the point where they have Googled either adoption agencies or divorce solicitors, or both? Please tell me I’m not the only one out there!