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5 Reasons Why I Loved China

At a recent family party, my younger cousin was telling me all about how she’s planning to go travelling and/or teach abroad when she graduates from university this summer. I love my little cousin, she’s funny, smart, an absolute sweetheart, but I hate her too, because I’m so jealous! (In her words, I’d be considered […]


Great Children’s Authors and Books

It can be a difficult task sometimes getting your kids to read, and I recognise this as both a parent and an English teacher. With the huge range of technology available to children nowadays, including computers games, Facebook, mobile phones, Sky TV etcetera, it can be a real challenge trying to motivate young people to […]


Protecting Your Children on Facebook

My boys, at 3 and 6, are a little young for Facebook yet, but, as long as its reign as the most popular social networking site continues, it’ll only be a mere few years before Christopher starts to nag me for it. And that’s if he even bothers to ask me, and doesn’t just set […]