Barcelona Archive

Cycling in Barcelona

This holiday with my gorgeous husband has been absolutely, 100%, truly amazing! It’s late morning right now and I’m writing this quickly in our hotel in central Barcelona, about ten minutes from Las Ramblas. Jack’s partaking in his morning coffee ritual (he goes in the guise of searching for the perfect cuppa, but I’m perfectly […]


Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Jack’s “can’t” and I’m definitely “won’t” in this little saga. We’re back from Barcelona now, but I’ve got so many stories to record! This one is all about the cooking course that was Jack’s bright idea to enroll us on…we had so much fun, but I thanked god during every minute of it for the […]


The Best Place to Dump the Kids

Does everyone else have to put as much thought into this as I have to? I thought, when Jack and I moved back closer to our families when we started our own, that we would have a plethora of babysitters ready and willing to take our offspring off our hands for a few precious moments […]