The sunny days and shorter nights are finally upon us, so here’s how to make the most of it through interior design

After what feels like an endless winter, it is finally time to welcome spring and summer with open arms. There are plenty of ways to celebrate summer, from updating your wardrobe to booking a holiday, but one of the most exciting and effective ways to get yourself in a sunny mindset is to spruce up your interior design.

So we’re here to show you how easy it is to get your home summer ready. From preparing your home for entertaining to brightening up your spaces with summery shades, we have all the tips, trends and tricks you need. So here’s how to update your home for summer.

Perfect your home for entertaining

One of the best things about summer is that our social calendars get busy again. There’s something about the sunny weather that makes us pick up the phone and start arranging get-togethers. So why not make sure your home is the hotspot for all the summer shindigs on the horizon? Wherever your home’s social hub is – be it the living room, outdoor space, or a kitchen diner – make sure that it’s all set to go with fresh soft furnishings, an aiwa stereo system, mood lighting, and plenty of surface space for drinks and snacks.

Beach-ify your outdoor space

When you think of summer, what is the first image your mind conjures up? Chances are, it’s of a hot and sunny beach. So when sprucing up your interior design for summer, consider bringing the beach to you. It doesn’t matter if you live by the shore or 100 miles inland – a few beach-inspired soft furnishings and ornaments will instantly put you in a sunnier mood, especially in your outdoor space.

Spruce up your guest bedroom

Over the winter, your guest bedroom can easily become more of a storage unit for laundry baskets, old furniture and general odds and ends. However, now that summer has arrived and we’re opening up our homes to friends and family again, the guest room can resume its true purpose. Think hotel-inspired luxury when choosing fresh bedding, soft furnishings and knick-knacks which help to create a fresh, light, homely and elegant looking guest bedroom. Make sure the HVAC is functioning properly. Call a service provider similar to Blueox Energy Products & Services to get the required maintenance works.

Celebrate spring greenery

‘Tis the colorful time of year again–the sun will shine brightly, and the flowers will bloom quickly. This is the perfect time to give your garden a refreshing makeover. But with so many ideas available on the Web, you might be a bit puzzled regarding what to choose and what to pass. This is when you may want to watch YouTube videos offered by Helen Coulston and similar interior design enthusiasts to get the necessary inspiration for your garden renovation. Chances are that you would be able to bring about simple changes, like creating a living wall, changing your worn-out plant pots with colorful ones, getting spring cleaning done, and pruning the trees, after watching the videos.

Brighten things up

A fresh coat of paint is never a bad idea when sprucing up a space. So now that summer is on its way, choose a few fresh, light colours to brighten things up. Shades like pastel blue, leafy green and traditional off-white never go out of fashion, while 2018’s colour of the year Ultra Violet can really make things pop.

Open things up with bifold doors

Natural light is an instant mood booster. Entering a space with a lot of light pouring into it has been proven to increase our positivity and energy levels, and it’s also the number one factor potential homebuyers look for when searching for their next dream abode.

Why not take advantage of all the sunshine to come with a set of stunning bifold doors? Not only do bifold doors look great and open up both your indoor and outdoor space, they are also surprisingly secure, thermally efficient and weather resistant. Bifold doors may be an investment, but they’re one which is guaranteed to increase the value of your home and get you all set for summer.

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