I’m a massive book geek. I guess, being an English teacher with a degree in English Literature, that’s probably unsurprising. So I thought I’d combine my two passions, reading and writing, and add a book review section to my website.

This section is going to be incredibly self-indulgent I’m afraid. I’m going to write about all the books I’ve read and love. I’m hoping it’ll spark some debate and people will want to comment and give their opinion on what I review, as one of the things I miss most about working at the school was the discussions we had on books. English departments and discussions on books; yes, I know I’m confirming the most obvious stereotype!

I’d also love book recommendations. I think sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in one genre, and I bet there’s loads of fabulous reads out there I’ve never even heard of let alone considered! So any recommendations anyone can give would be truly more than welcome.

Hope you enjoy this section, ladies.

Ella xxx

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Random Acts of Heroic Love by Danny Scheinmann

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