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The Wonders of Technogym

Before this week, the last time I’d set foot in a gym was during my years at university. Over the years I’ve always opted for the cheaper alternatives; running and cycling. Gyms, I feel, can be like subtle little money traps; they lure you in and then BAM! As soon as something comes up in […]


How to Lose the Baby Weight

When you have a baby, or, at least, when I had my babies, the last thing on my mind straight after was my weight. My focus was on the new little person I was now, laughingly, responsible for keeping alive; my issues were the last thing on my mind.


Quick Ways to Lose Weight

OK, so there is no true quick and easy way to lose weight, but I can offer a few simple tips and ideas that might make a little bit of difference and help you on your road to shedding a few pounds.