As kids age, they tend to start thinking more and more about what they want to become in life and what kind of person they would like to be. But the process is far more than just a childish dream about unicorns and fairy tales, they are actually trying to shape themselves as individuals while thinking not only about what’s good for them, but also about what’s good for the world and how they can fit in.

Parents play a huge role in their personal growth too. They are the ones who present them an image of what’s right and what’s wrong, and hopefully set a good moral example to follow themselves. However, more importantly, they are the ones who have the ability to give them inspiration by showing real world examples of what’s possible to achieve. And nothing is more motivating that seeing how a woman, strong and decisive, can lead the way to social prosperity in her own country.


Starting with Amy Baxter, she is a widely known figure in the public health sphere. A strong-minded CEO of MMJ Labs, she is well known for her invention called Buzzy, a palm-sized gadget that can block needle pain without resorting to any kind of drugs, which is suitable not only for kids, but adults as well.

Then we have Sylvia Burwell. Currently a secretary in the Health and Human Services department, she has an extensive history of working in the non-profit world and helping those who are in need. She used to be the president of the Walmart Foundation, a name quite renowned and heard among the people.

From the line of entrepreneurs, it’s simply a given that Esther Dyson is mentioned. Being a journalist and a financial analyst, she is a glowing example highlighting that one does not need to have a medical background in order to positively affect the health of the people.


Knowing how apps are rapidly changing the world and the way we live, developing them is another way to benefit the population. Bettina Experton is the founder and CEO of Humetrix, and her name will forever be written in history thanks to the phenomenal iBlueButton app she developed with the help of her team. With the simple push of a button, the VA members can now download their medical information from anywhere in the world, given they have an internet connection readily available.

Finally, we have Jennifer Atiku called to bar in November 2014. Her academic accomplishments precede her, and she is very well known for her charity work on HIV in Africa. She is helping kids know more about HIV and ways on how it can be prevented and managed, thus improving the quality of their lives and enabling them to look forward to a better future. Her work has changed millions of lives in Africa and will not be forgotten. More information can be found at

There are of course many more, but these names should be a good starting point.

Being a role model for kids and the health industry in general is no easy task, so it’s important to let them know that a good deed will not come by on its own, since it requires work and effort in order to achieve it. And that is the proper way to not only motivate them for the life that is ahead of them, but also for instilling the right kind of mentality from the early days when they’re at their most receptive.