A christening is a special occasion where a new baby is officially welcomed into both their family and the wider Christian faith. Many parents choose to celebrate their baby’s christening by hosting a party and inviting a large number of their closest friends and family members, and it is customary for these invited guests to bring a gift. But what gift should you bring? This is a question that thousands of Christening guests ask every year.

Given that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen a Peter Rabbit theme for Prince Louis’ Royal nursery, we suspect that he will have received plentiful Beatrix Potter gifts at his recent christening. And there’s no better gift for a brand-new baby: Peter Rabbit is classic, timeless and wonderfully whimsical.

Here are some wonderful Beatrix Potter gifts perfect for sharing with the special babies in your life:

An Oversized Soft Toy

If you want to turn up with the biggest box at the party, and guarantee to make your little host or hostess smile then why not choose an oversized Peter Rabbit teddy bear? There’s something about the mischievous little bunny that puts a smile on the faces of people both young and old, and it’s a statement piece that will look great in a nursery or child’s bedroom. Our extra large Peter Rabbit soft toy stands at a whopping 38 cm all and is suitable for children aged 1 plus. From a practical point of view, he is also made from a soft, huggable fabric and machine washable – the parents will thank you.

Not sure a 38 cm teddy bear is quite big enough? The Jumbo Jemima Puddle-Duck is the biggest soft bear stocked on the website and stands at an awe-inspiring 60cm tall (that’s only a little smaller than   the height of an average one year old) meaning that your gift will certainly dominate the gift table! Designed for children aged 2 years plus, this eye-catching gift may not be the most practical one you could choose, but it will certainly be the most memorable!

A Christmas Bauble

If you’re looking for a christening gift that is a little out of the ordinary (and won’t get lost in a sea of silver spoons and silver money boxes) then why not buy a high-quality glass Christmas bauble? We love this one, which features Peter Rabbit building a snow rabbit (link: https://beatrixpottergiftsbyenesco.co.uk/collections/beatrix-potter/products/peter-rabbit-and-snow-rabbit-bauble) and which is filled with old world charm and wonder.

Christmas baubles make great gifts because they can signify the start of a collection and a bond that you will share with the child throughout their lives. Buy them a new Christmas bauble every Christmas (meaning that you’ll never have to worry about getting your hands on that must-have toy or finding the right Lego set) and watch them hang it on their tree. By the time they’re old enough to move into their own home and decorate their own Christmas tree they will have a box full of decorations, and memories, of the love and time that you invested in their childhood.

A Photo Frame

The christening day is an important milestone and one that parents remember and treasure forever. A huge part of capturing the memories of this day is to take plenty of photographs as keepsakes. Whilst mum and dad are busy running around hosting the party and keeping everyone’s drinks topped up, why not take time out from your day to ask if you want them to take some photos? Family photos are precious, and often forgotten when parents are busy throwing parties (especially if mum is usually the one behind the camera). A commemorative picture of both parents with their precious new baby is likely to be the best gift you can give.

To display this picture, and ensure it can be kept and treasured forever, why not gift the new baby with a beautiful photo frame? Silver photo frames are traditional christening gifts but, because of their tendency to tarnish and the difficulty of keeping them clean, many modern parents prefer ceramic versions instead. We love this ceramic Peter Rabbit photo frame which is large enough to hold a 6 x 4 photograph and is presented in a branded gift box, which makes it an ideal gift for a special occasion. Perfect for displaying in a nursery or play room, this is a particularly thoughtful gift if you’re on a budget.

Letter Figurines

The christening day is the day that a child is officially given their name in the eyes of God. Why not celebrate that official name by choosing a gift that is personalised or can be used to spell it out? Our Beatrix Potter letter figurines cover every letter of the alphabet and are available in a wide range of different colours and characters. Each stands at 7 cm tall and they can be combined to spell any word you wish. What better way to acknowledge a child’s new name and, the best thing is, these collectibles look great when displayed in a child’s nursery or playroom.

What makes this gift so great is that the child can treasure it forever (after all, they will keep that name for the rest of their lives) and that it’s thoughtful and personal touch is sure to impress even the most difficult to please of parents. It’s a win-win gift for everyone!

First Tooth and First Curl Box

Cutting your baby’s precious hair for the first time or watching them grow a little and lose their first tooth are both important milestones. Most parents will want to honour those milestones by keeping that first lost tooth or a lock of their baby’s hair. But where to keep them? That’s why your thoughtful but practical gift comes in! First tooth and first curl boxes are considered to be traditional and timeless christening gifts and are the ideal gift for friends or relatives that you may find tricky to choose for.

Our Peter Rabbit first tooth and first curl gift box sets are made in ceramic and presented in a branded gift box, making them a wonderful gift idea. Highly collectible, each box stands at 3.5 cm tall the ideal size for storing those precious keepsakes, but small enough that they won’t take up too much space on your shelves or in your drawers. Designed to raise a smile thanks to their fun and thoughtful design, these are the perfect gifts for babies being christened in a relatively formal environment.

Something Practical

Finally, if you don’t want to add to the new baby’s growing collection of silver spoons, hairbrushes and piggy banks, why not think about gifting them with something practical that they can use now instead? Having a baby is an expensive business. The average cost of raising from birth to 21 years of age now stands at £230,000. If you can choose a thoughtful gift that is something the baby will actually need or use then their parents are sure to thank you!

Our Peter Rabbit organic bamboo snack box with cutlery set is perfect for carrying snacks out and about, and a must-have for any parent with a toddler. Combining the practicality of a snack box with the old-world whimsy of Peter Rabbit, any mum (and child) will be delighted to carry this in their change bag. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant then the Peter Rabbit egg cup and spoon set it also a practical winner that can be saved as an ornament or collectors item as the child grows up. A great rule of thumb for buying this kind of gift is to think about what the parents might need, and how you can inject a premium, luxury touch into that.