You may have heard some benefits of timber cladding or have seen homes that feature this and wonder how you may benefit from it yourself. Perhaps you are considering adding a feature extension and cover it in timber cladding? Or are you interested in coating your whole home to reap the following benefits?

  1. Aesthetics

Timber cladding has an attractive grain and can be coloured to match your surroundings or taste very easily. You can opt for so many different styles, textures and finish options that you can apply.

Timber cladding gives a modern and natural look to your home which is easily replaced, rejuvenated and redecorated.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Timber is one of the most sustainable materials you can invest in and helps protect your house from the elements.

Not only does timber cladding protect you from the elements but it also protects you from costly heating bills.  Timber is a great way to retain heat in your home, meaning you need to use less energy to heat your home.

  1. Versatility

You can customise your cladding to suit the style you are looking for. You can have large panels, small panels and even choose the wood.

Timber is so versatile that it can look exactly how you would like it.

To find the perfect cladding for you, get in touch with a professional timber supplier who can guarantee you the highest-quality timber alongside top class service.