For a mum, the kitchen is the holy grail of the entire house. This is where energy for the entire family is produced- it is essentially the power plant of the home. Also, aside from the living room, this is where a lot of the social activity of the family occurs. The kitchen is also one of the best places to manipulate the overall value of the property. This is why a lot of thought and planning goes into its design.

Worktops area easily given the most consideration out of all. Here are done the preparations of each meal, distribution, storage and general tasks. It will take up a lot of space and will be considered as part of the kitchen’s foundation itself.

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It’s rather exciting when it comes to worktops, because you have a lot of choices in terms of what material you will be using. From wood to stone, you will have considerable variety, and both maintenance and longevity differ. They also have to complement the style of the overall kitchen, which you have to keep in mind when designing or renovating the space. To ensure that cohesiveness of style is maintained, you could perhaps consult The Buildwell Group or similar experts in kitchen remodeling.

As far as personal taste goes, Timber worktops are a my favorite. This really gave our kitchen a rustic feel to it, bordering between comfortable and classy. I found it to be quite a joy to be standing in the kitchen with this design, which is rather important considering how much time a mum will end up staying there for the duration of family life.

Aside from aesthetics, though, installing timber worktops meant that we were going to have a long lasting kitchen. You see, timber is solid the entire way through. What does that mean to the average busybody? It means that no matter what gashes or scratches you end up making on the surface, all you will need to do is some sanding here and there and it will look good as new.

Also, like a fine wine, wood tends to age gracefully, which dramatically increases the value of a household without any further investment.


Finally, maintenance for timber worktops are, in a word, organic. You just need to oil it down every couple of months, and with additional sanding for where it is needed, you will have your worktops looking new and as beautiful as ever in less than a day.

One thing you will need to be aware of, however, is that wood tends to expand under different conditions, so just make sure to get someone qualified to fit your kitchen. Note that wood warps much easier than other, less, renewable resources tend to.

At the end of the day, choosing kitchen worktops is all up to taste, but if you want to go for something practical, easy to maintain and, of course, classy looking, then you can’t really go wrong with timber. It’s also good to mention that it is a bit more affordable both when buying or in terms of maintenance.