There is no doubt that online bingo is a very popular online game and is played by people from all over the world. The game is highly entertaining and is pretty easy to pick up as well. I have enjoyed playing this game right from when I was a kid, not for money of course but for the fact that you could win or loose entirely based on your luck. Nothing was planned and you don’t really require any special skills.


Online bingo however brought about a lot of variety and spice to the game. From the standard 90-ball game, we now have a choice of playing 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball and even elimination bingo. Elimination bingo is a unique game of bingo that players can find on GameVillage Bingo. This game is unlike all other bingo games as it eliminates players that actually win. This game is quite a hit and is among my favorite too. You could pre buy your tickets to this room anytime or click here and play now.

With a much bigger pool of players came bigger buy ins and prizes. Playing online bingo is a rewarding experience for players especially since there are big jackpot games, prize draws, free bonuses and more that is made easily available.


One of UK’s favorite pastimes is chatting and making new friends. Online bingo provides for this feature as well. Chat rooms are where all the players meet while their respective online bingo games are going on and have a good chat with each other.

GameVillage has taken the socializing aspect a notch further by introducing an online forum and are very active on Facebook as well. The site has a village like feel and the community over here is an extremely friendly one. So come make new friends with GameVillage and experience the sites exciting rooms as well.