Our Day at Gulliver’s World

Jack and I volunteered to take two of our nieces (our favourite two, of course) with us on our maiden trip to Gulliver’s World with the boys. Needless-to-say, my brother and sister-in-law were more than enthusiastic to gain a free day, and it meant I’d bank a little more babysitting debt I will undoubtedly call in at a later date… We had a fabulous time, and I think it’s the perfect place to take your kids this summer as an extra-special treat.

No Height Problems!


When you think of theme parks, rides and rollercoasters, most people automatically think of Blackpool, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and the like. I’ve got to admit, I’m a big fan of theme parks and love rides, but with a young family, I find there’s zero point going to the big name theme parks as the ride restrictions mean your kids can’t go on anything. Basically, you end up paying extortionate prices for nothing, and, even worse, set yourself up for grumpy, frustrated and ultimately whiny children!


The great think about Gulliver’s World in Warrington (and, presumably, the Matlock and Milton Keynes Gulliver’s parks as well, although, admittedly, I’ve never visited either) is that, although you pay for very young children who might go free in the likes of Alton Towers, they can go on practically every ride! Even better, it means you avoid disappointed faces and temper tantrums from children turned away from rides – most of us have been there!

The girls’ favourite ride…Harry sat this one out, bless him.

Children have to be 90cm to go the rides accompanied by an adult, and over 1.2m to go on alone. Basically, rides are suitable for children from about the ages 2/3 up! Great for young families!

The Prices at Gulliver’s World

At £15.95 a person (adult or child!), it’s not a cheap day out, but I’d say, if you’re kids are aged 3-11 and have never been to Alton Towers, it’s pretty good value, because they can go on everything. It’s possible to get a family ticket (4 people – one must be a child) for £59.95, saving you a MASSIVE £3.85 (sarcasm).

Gully Mouse doing the rounds…

I had a nosey at the food and it is priced fairly, but I rarely eat anywhere that has a captive audience; I don’t believe that does anything for the standards of the place! Also, I’m a little bit of a health freak and a tight-fisted cow! We took a cool bag full of sandwiches, fresh fruit and the like bought up the road at Asda, and made sure my kids never went near the fast food outlets – they can’t miss what they didn’t know was there!

Jack got ripped off at the balloon stand on the way out, which is strategically placed at the exit. He certainly wouldn’t have paid £14 for 4 balloons if I hadn’t nipped to the loo in preparation for the journey home!


The tragic end of the Gully’s balloon!

 The Rides at Gulliver’s World

I was quite impressed actually! They have a good number of small rides for young children, but enough there as well to keep my 9 and 10 year old nieces happy, as well as my boys. Jack and I were dragged on to the classic pirate ship and log flume rides at least a couple of times each, whilst my favourite ride remains the spinning tea cups – all the better for being able to spin yourself!


I sat this one out…Jack taking one for the team!

I’ve no idea what the ride is below, but it was a firm favourite with my nieces! And, coincidentally, Jack’s least favourite! Bless him!


My favourite ride…poor Jack!

 The fab thing about the rides is that all 4 children can go on. Chris (age 5) and Harry (age 6) had to be accompanied by an adult on most things, but that was fine because the girls were both, at 9 and 10, tall enough to ride unaccompanied.

Gulliver’s World, Warrington: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

A resounding…THUMBS UP!

If you’re able to splash out on a one-off extra-special day this summer, Gulliver’s World shouldn’t disappoint. My kids loved it, the girls loved it, and Jack, despite being mugged by a balloon seller he should totally have seen coming in the neon colours, enjoyed it too.

So much so, I’m checking out their Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas packages for later this year…

Hope you enjoyed the read and found it useful!

Ella x