You may try to avoid labels in life, feeling that it’s best to stand out from the crowd, rather than just fit in. But there are times when the best way to stand out from the crowd, have an identity that is easily recognised and moreover be an individual is to be labelled! It may perhaps be a little play on words, but here we look at the issue of clothing labels and why clothing stamps for names is the way to go. So, if you’re fed up of looking at a pile of children’s clothes and not knowing which item belongs to which child, or even worse now knowing if those same items actually belong to somebody else’s child, then read on! All is not lost, and it’s time to reach for the clothing stamps for names.


Personalising clothes, such as uniforms etc. is essential. Not only will it allow you to identify who owns the garment that you’ve just washed, but it also means that you do not end up washing somebody else’s garments for them. Remember, the whole purpose of a school uniform is made clear by the name – they are uniform. They all look alike, because they are all the same, so one jumper looks much like another, and another. Throw them into a pile on the floor, say during a PE lesson or a lunchtime game of football, and how does your child know which is the right one to pick up – they don’t and also they probably will not care until they get home. Labelling gives the item an identity and also gives your children a sense of ownership – they are much more likely to look after something that they know is theirs, and take good care of it. Not knowing whose jumper is whose, will mean that that sense of pride is removed. A simple label is the solution.

There are label kits that are available to use that make personalisation both perfect and easy – so much so that you can actually label by the seat of your pants (or label your pants too!) What you are doing is ensuring that all of the items that go out of the door first thing in the morning, will make it back for tea. This can only be a good thing, as some items of uniform can be expensive, especially if they have to be bought several times a term! Using clothing stamps for names can remove this problem, and hence, remove the expense – a double win!


Using clothing stamps makes a uniform item suddenly personal. Even something as simple as putting a name in a PE kit or pair of shorts can change how that item is respected, handled and most of all kept. It’s easy too, from stamps to labels, that little bit of effort, maybe as simple as a flick of the wrist, or a quick stamp, can give any piece of clothing an identity.


You’ve already seen that labels can save money through the retention of clothes, but what’s great at the same time is that they do not have to be expensive either. They can be done on the fly, and are often quick and easy to apply. It’s perhaps a lot different from when your clothes were labelled with embroidered name tags that had to be stitched in – here you can stamp, write or iron the labels straight onto the garments.

There’s no need to worry about washing either – and let’s face it, you are going to be washing the clothes a lot. Modern clothing stamps for names can withstand many a hardy wash, ensuring that the process of labelling is a one off. It is fast, easy and the labels can also be customised if you so wish – or perhaps if your child has a more popular name!

All in all it would seem that not labelling clothes makes little to no sense at all. You are almost running a daily gauntlet of not knowing whether the clothes that are brought into the house at tea are the ones that left that morning. You’ll also be busy enough already with day to day life, do you really want to be doing more work and close daily inspections to make sure – of course you don’t. So whilst it may be a little effort at first (it is only a little effort), in the long run you’ll save time and money and perhaps even your own sanity. So with that in mind, clearly it is time to start the stamping!