As parents, we all want out kids to achieve great things in school and beyond. However, sometimes, our kids hit a brick wall and have no idea what to do about it. This is the time to hire a private tutor and arm him with a sledgehammer (of knowledge).

1. When your child is struggling with the current curriculum


In this day and age, education is getting more and more difficult. The standards are getting much higher, and the lessons are more advanced than they used to be. School curriculum are beginning to borrow from other countries where the lessons are harder and taught at a younger age, and when a child is used to his own school’s pacing, it can become hard to adjust when the difficulty is suddenly kicked up a notch.

2. When even you can’t answer his homework

I can certainly recall multiple times when my child asked me for help with his homework, and I ended up staring at the mathematical problems, going “I don’t remember doing this in school..”

Now, I did pretty well in my own right, when I was still studying. However, I just don’t remember working on anything of this caliber in the classroom. If I can’t help him with his school work, I might end up just giving him wrong answers if I force it. Better go with an expert.

3. When your child struggles with a single, certain subject


Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Some kids do really well in math, but can’t grasp the lessons in science. Instead of simply compromising and getting a good great in one subject while being average in another, it would be much better to apply for private tuition and pull up his grades in his problem area. Also, if he gets more exposure to a subject he’s initially struggling with, he might just overcome the difficulty and end up loving it.

4. When there are too many distractions in school

Let’s face it. Not all schools uphold satisfactory discipline in the classroom. On the other hand, some kids just can’t seem to focus when there are too many things attracting his attention. Concentration is obviously very important when learning anything, so if that can’t be achieved, it’s probably time to hire a private tutor. The lessons will be held in a setting where learning is optimal.

5. When he’s capable of so much more

Sometimes, a teacher’s lesson plan isn’t enough of a challenge for a child. Watch out for this, since it’s rare that a child can actually understand that this is the case. If you see that he is passing with flying colors without even trying, then hire a private tutor to give him more difficult lessons, as well as arm him with different techniques on how to go about certain problems. Work on his potential and let him see how far he can go.