The modern mother is expected to be a multi-tasker. At work she should juggle work, family life and (for those lucky enough to have both) the role of breadwinner while her husband works to support the family. When do the mums get a day off? When can a mum go shopping? When do the mums get a break?

The advent of technology and the ability to access the internet (particularly mobile phones) means that there are more distractions. You can easily watch TV, play computer games or simply sit back in your car. Is it time to take away some of the freedom and pleasure of being a working mum? The answer is most probably yes. Take away the TV, computer and the outdoor games and spend some time with the kids and get involved in activities that stimulate her mind.

When can I leave the house? The answer is: at certain times. When you are breastfeeding, sleeping or recovering from an illness or injury, it’s not a good idea for you to be out of the house. Take a few hours’ break and read a book. Go out with friends or just have a nice lunchtime meal with the girls. If you want to stay home and tend to the baby, then get ready for a few mid-morning naps, evenings and weekends when you may have to stay away.

What about those quiet times? Some days are busier than others. If you’ve got three young children, juggling between taking care of them, cooking and washing, it can be hard to find any time for yourself. If you’re too busy to be a full-time parent, take some time to relax with your partner, go out for a walk or go for a long weekend away.

How can I plan a quiet time when I’m not doing anything? You could join a family exercise class or sign up for a babysitting service. Find someone who will drive you around (be careful when choosing this route – it may take you to the same area over again!) and maybe take a walking or cycling course or two. If these options aren’t to your advantage, you could look online for parenting groups in your local area. There are many parenting forums where parents share tips and advice on raising children and many also have specialist clubs where you can swap experiences and ideas.

How do the mums get a day off? It’s all very well carrying your child around all day but at some point she’ll need some space of her own. To ease your guilt when you’re looking for ways to spend less time with the baby, why not consider taking walks in your local park? You could also look into babysitting. If you know someone who does it all on a weekend, this could work out very nicely.