Buying new linen can be intimidating if you haven’t really done it before, as there is so much to choose from, and often their names all sound quite similar. Sometimes these minute variances can be the difference between sleeping in absolute heaven or just in any old bed. If you’re currently looking for some new linen, here are some tips you should follow if you think you might get confused. If you’ve read this and you’re still a bit worried about what to look for, bedding and linen specialists like MiniJumbuk can help you make these imaportant choices – visit the MiniJumbuk website for more details.


The fibre of a sheet is simply what material it is made from. Most sheets are made from cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two, but you can get sheets made from other materials as well. The quality of your sheets does not necessarily correspond with an increase in thread count – it is actually the quality of fibre itself that is the deciding factor. Think about what kind of season you are buying for as well. Sheets with higher thread counts can be heavier and therefore warmer, and are more suitable for winter. Conversely, sheets with a lower thread count and still made with quality fibre may be just as good for the warmer months.



The weave of a particular sheet refers to how it looks and feels, and is also often related to how durable it is. Cheaper sheets are usually made from a plain weave, which means it has been created with the same amount of vertical and horizontal yarns. There are a number of different kinds of weaves, ranging from percale to jacquards. Some of these can be quite expensive, simply because of the manpower and machinery required, so ensure you are comfortable with how it feels before you make your purchase.


The size of your sheets is very important, as you don’t want to be buying sheets that don’t fit your bed properly. Many new mattresses have in built pillow tops, which means that you might need a bigger sheet to ensure you can cover your whole bed. This is especially important if you prefer fitted sheets over loose sheets, as you don’t want to be over-stretching the elastic on these either.


If you are picky with your linen, there are plenty of other factors to consider, and you will be able to find these with a little bit of research. However, the best way to really make a decision is by going into a store and feeling the fabrics and fibres yourself. Allow yourself a decent amount of time to go through everything, and visit multiple stores before making a decision – you might find something else you like or maybe even for a cheaper price.

Have you recently bought some new linen? What did you end up going with? Why? What things did you pay particular attention to? Do you think you made the right decision? Leave your thoughts and advice in the comments section down below.