Let’s face it, very few of us enjoy talking about death, while some people are really positive about it most of us either publicly or secretly hate discussing it. But it is really important to at least set some time aside to think about it personally to make sure you do not leave your loved ones with all the responsibility. This is where a Funeral Plan comes in and it may not be what you think!

What Is a Funeral Plan?

Well a lot of people think it is where you write down how you wish to be dealt with when you die; these people would be right in a sense but it is also something totally different and arguably more important. A funeral plan is a financial plan you start years before you reach an age where it becomes likely you may pass away. The plan means you pay in a small amount of money each month and upon your death your family or friends can claim the money and the costs of your funeral are covered.

Is Funeral Planning New?

Funeral plans have been around for a long time, it is, however, one of those things that you never hear about until you either get into your 40s and start sorting all these important things or you have lost a parent of loved one. In the UK there is a huge range of companies offering these plans and it is important to choose a good company. The Funeral Planning Authority was set up to regulate these companies so it is always best to choose one of their members. There are, as with all financial things, some dodgy companies out there so be aware as with pensions, loans and more.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost

According to the Money Advice Service the average cost of a funeral in the UK is just over £4200 – https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/how-much-does-a-funeral-cost For a lot of people this is quite a shock. It is not the sort of money most people have lying around and can have serious implications for those who are left to pay it. This cost is only going to increase too so in 10 years time it will probably be a lot higher.

Why is a Funeral Plan Positive?

Well think about it for a second. When you die it is not going to be a pleasant time for those you have left behind, well hopefully not. They will be sad, hurting and dealing with all the emotional issues surrounding your passing. What could make this worse? Well being saddled with nearly £4500 worth of funeral costs certainly wont help. By taking out a plan that can easily cover this cost your loved ones can get on with mourning, celebrating your life and creating a positive experience which we would all like our funerals to be.

How Can It Be Made Even Better?

Well, without meaning to confuse things there is another type of funeral plan that can help a lot too! This type of plan is where you state how you wish your funeral to go. This could be locations and the venue, burial or cremation, guests, music, food….fancy dress! You name it, someone will have thought of it and by putting it all into a plan you can make sure it is done to your specification. But there is more to it than just getting your way. If you die without any instructions your loved ones will have to just guess, they will organise the funeral how they think it should be. While this may not seem like a bad thing it is a lot of added stress on people grieving. By making a plan you are giving them the chance to fulfil your final wishes and this will help with the process of mourning and moving on!

Plan and Plan

So, creating both types of funeral plan can really help reduce stress and upset, financial burden and potential debt as well as creating a positive experience around your death rather than something more terrible than it needs to be!  We don’t like talking about this kind of thing but thinking ahead can certainly make it all a better experience for those we leave behind.