Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to get those heartfelt cards ready and made. Helping your children to make their own valentines cards can be both fun and rewarding. The more thought that goes into the card the more it means to the recipient, whether that be mum, dad, grandma or granddad, sister or brother, or secret crush at school. Below you can find some suggestions for all ages and abilities that will help your child to ‘spread the love’.

Valentine Cards with Beads
Beads can create a gorgeous embellished, 3D look to your child’s valentine’s card. All they need is a small supply of beads and some imagination. This could be from an old piece of costume jewellery. Simply draw a heart directly onto the card with a golden pen and then stick the small beads along the line. You could add a different colour of card beforehand under the beads to make the heart stand out.

Valentines Cards with Hands

Valentine Card Ideas for Kids came up with a brilliant idea for your child to make for a few special friends, family members or crush. They can send a heartfelt message by tracing their hands, cutting it out and then decorating it, whether that is with words or pictures. If you want to make the writing look romantic, why not use a calligraphy set? You can buy these online from places such as Artifolk. You’ll probably need to help your child with this one!

Valentines Cards with Pop-Up Heart
Most kids love the charm of a pop up card or book. Why not teach them how to make their own? Perfect for older kids 6 and up, you can learn how to make pop up cards here. This idea is perfect for the element of surprise.

Valentines Cards with Glitter
This design is pretty and simple to make. Simply purchase some red card, cut out a heart shape from it and then either cover the entire heart or just the edges of the red card with the glitter. It might be a good idea to lay some newspaper down when doing this one as it can get very messy!

Valentines Card with Fabric
Easy and quick to make cut out a heart shape out of fabric and glue it to your card. To make it more advanced, try cutting out more pieces of fabric in smaller heart shapes and add them on top of each other to create a 3D look to the card.

Valentines Cards with Paint
Why not help your child to paint out some meaningful words on the front of the card. After all this an important aspect of the card! Ask them what they want it to say. What child doesn’t love painting?

Mix it up Valentines Cards

Mix it up Valentines Cards

If your child is confident at arts and crafts, why not let them use their imagination by using a range of materials they could use beads, glitter, and fabric to create a meaningful card! It allows them to get creative and use their own ideas to create their own masterpiece.