Thinking of remodelling your bathroom? If so, choosing the right materials is obviously a major concern. From flooring to countertop, marble is an ideal option. Here are just a few reasons why you should strongly consider using it in your bathroom.


Few would argue that marble is viewed as one of the most luxurious building materials available. Even the most exquisite of painted tiles isn’t going to match the appearance of genuine marble. With rich veining making each piece unique, using marble in the bathroom grants your own private sanctuary an upscale edge. That isn’t just nice when you’re using the bathroom – it should also make the property easier to sell, which could mean a higher asking price in the future.


Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, especially in newer properties, and usually the only lights will be positioned along the ceiling. As such, a bathroom can easily look dark and gloomy. Using marble can lighten things up. It has a smooth surface that reflects light well, and its own pale colours also help bring in more light. As an added plus, marble’s reflective qualities help make a room appear larger.

Moisture Resistance

When you’re dealing with the bathroom, it goes without saying that moisture-resistant materials should be used, and marble fits the bill. If you splash water on the floor when you’re having a shower or stepping out of the bath, you won’t need to worry about moisture seeping through to damage the underfloor.


People tend to think that marble isn’t very durable, and it’s certainly true that stones such as granite and artificial options such as quartz are tougher. However, the materials used in your bathroom don’t need to be extremely durable since you’ll generally enter them without shoes on and rarely carry anything heavy that can be dropped to cause damage. Marble is just as durable as it needs to be for the bathroom. It wears well and resists cracks and chips, so it should outlast most other materials commonly used in the bathroom.