Kids don’t fit into one standard category. They all have different tastes, favourite foods and unique talents. Your child may not like football or hockey but there are hundreds of sports to choose from. These five unusual sports are fun alternative that will keep your child fit.

Circus Arts

Does your child dream about flying? A circus acts class could be perfect for them. They can learn the trapeze, how to juggle, acrobatics, tight rope or stilt walking. These energetic activities enhance balance, hand-eye coordination and fitness levels, and are perfect for adventurous kids.

Roller Derby

roller derby

This relatively new sport is incredibly popular with new local teams popping up all the time. If your kid loves skating then this could be perfect. It’s a game dominated by females but there are a growing number of male and mixed teams. This is a contact sport, but don’t worry. Participants are required to wear a helmet, and elbow and kneepads. Simply buy your child a pair of quad roller skates and away they roll!


Loads of young children love to sword fight. They can put their knight skills to the test with fencing. This ancient art dates back to the 15th century and is an official Olympic and Paralympic sport. This activity requires discipline and quick reflexes. Your kid will get the excitement of using a sword, while you can relax knowing they wear protective equipment.



This historic piece of equipment has recently seen an increase in popularity. Successful films like Brave have inspired thousands of kids to try it for themselves. With archery classes, your child can be just like their favorite character. You can easily find the nearest archery class with a few clicks on the web, source the best archery backpack for your kid, and they are ready to attend the archery classes. Moreover, its relatively cheap as the price of most sessions includes equipment hire.


Golf can be an excellent sport for kids, offering a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the green fairways. Not only does it promote physical activity and coordination, but it also instills important life skills such as patience, focus, and sportsmanship. Kids can learn a lot by taking some lessons at a san diego junior golf club (or another club near them) and it can be also a relaxing activity for them. On a more competitive level, through the strategic gameplay and challenging nature of golf, young players learn problem-solving and decision-making skills that can be valuable both on and off the course.


This is a brilliant sport, providing you live by the coast! Surfing requires a high level of fitness and excellent balance. If your child is a great swimmer and a bit of a thrill seeker, they might love riding the waves. Why not take surf lessons together? Surf shacks hire wetsuits and surfboards, so it’s easy to book a taster session.


These sports are brilliant for kids wanting to try something different. With the exception of archery, they have similar health and fitness benefits as dance or rugby. Whether you let your child fly solo, or surf as a family, these sports offer an exciting way to keep fit.