The summer’s coming to a close, and whether they like it or not, kids have to get ready to go back to school for another year. A few special children absolutely love it when the school year begins. But the rest of them seem to be dreading the beginning of another year of classwork, homework, and other mandatory school activities.

Is there anything that parents can do to cheer up their kids when they’re going back to school? Absolutely! Infact, schools may even be hosting events themselves as back to school fundraising ideas to help them raise a little money to help support the children they will be looking after this school year. That being said, parents can also have amazing back-to-school celebration ideas that are sure to immediately help cheer up their little ones.

Are you trying to come up with fun and exciting back-to-school celebration ideas? We’ve got you covered! We know a thing or two about back-to-school celebrations and we’re happy to share our favorites with you today.

3 Back-To-School Celebration Ideas to Cheer up Unhappy Students

  • Have a bus stop breakfast social – on the first day of school, before the new school year begins, you can cheer your kids up by hosting a bus stop breakfast social before the bus driver pulls up to the stop. In an effort to make this a one-of-a-kind experience that your children will never forget, it’s best to invite as many children to the bus stop as possible so that you end up having a great turnout. At the breakfast social, make sure there are plenty of exciting decorations, and also bring great breakfast treats including wholesome muffins, fruits, juice boxes, and other healthy snacks that the kids will enjoy. This will help all of the local children begin the new school year on the right foot, and they’ll actually look forward to starting their first day of school this year!
  • Host a neighborhood scavenger hunt with prizes – are you worried that your kids are feeling sad and blue because a new school year is about to begin? One way to get kids excited about school is to hold a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Invite every one of the kids that will be in your child’s class during the upcoming year and allow them to participate in a fun filled morning or afternoon scavenger hunt that everyone will love. Parents can certainly help their children during the scavenger hunt and they’re certainly welcome to enjoy this entertaining and exhilarating event with their youngsters. Feel free to make the theme of the scavenger hunt related to the new school year. Get together with parents ahead of time and hide school themed prizes that the children can find. Hide crayons, notebooks, pencils, binders, and everything else that kids will need and love, and let the children hunt them down and keep the items that they find. They’ll love this idea and it will certainly help them get excited about going back to school in the days to come.
  • Throw a back-to-school party that they’ll never forget – every kid loves going to parties. And most kids do not like going back to school. A great way to cheer kids up is to throw an end of summer party that they’ll never forget. Invite each and every one of their friends to the party and have cake, cookies, create an amazing candy buffet, have party games, video games, and anything else that will get these kids excited before the new school year begins. Kids love to go to parties and this is one way to make sure that they are happy right before the new school year starts. Get together with parents in your local community to pick the perfect date so that all of the children will be able to attend.


There are many unforgettable back-to-school celebration ideas. We’ve shared three of our favorites with you. If you do decide to have a back-to-school bash for the kids stop by to order bulk candy for the candy buffet.