Mothers, perhaps more than anyone, deserve to have moments to themselves where they can relax alone or enjoy some adult company with people who share the same interests. Being mums, however, they are not likely to be able to get out of the house all that often, so rest and relaxation often need to be achievable at home rather than out on the town.

Why nights in and not nights out?

There are many reasons why mothers may not be able to get out of the house very often, and surprisingly, they are not all to do with kids. Mothers have to cope with a lot, especially if they are not only looking after a family but performing a day job too. For this reason, it could be that going out is just too exhausting and requires too many arrangements to be made. Money could also be a problem: nights out on the town can be expensive. Therefore, it only makes sense to relax with a night in, have other moms come over when the kids are not home, and do something fun. Whether that’s a conventional kitty party or one that involves some thca hemp flower, wine, and cheese is entirely up to the mileage of the moms. Alas, whatever gets the stress of the week or month off your shoulders. Here are some of the more popular ideas:

Board games

But what to do for a mum’s night that does not require lots of energy or piles of cash? Sometimes simple pleasures are the most fun. Take board games, for example. Often, only brought out at Christmas, board games are inclusive, involving, and most of all fun. There are so many board games out there that all you need to do is pick the one that most suits you and your friends.

monopoly 2

Craft party

Perhaps you and your friends enjoy crafts, in which case you could have a craft night. Tell your friends to bring their own supplies, arrange for a large table or other workspace you can all get around and you have the makings of a craft party. Just make sure there is plenty of food and drink available so that no one goes hungry or thirsty. A craft night is a great way for you to sit and make something fantastic while enjoying the company of your friends.

Wine tasting

Fancy something a little more sophisticated? Then have a wine-tasting evening. You can either order a variety of wines for your party or ask your guests to bring their favourite. You will need to provide the wine or champagne glasses, as well as a range of cheeses and crackers or biscuits to accompany the alcohol. The alcohol will encourage everyone to relax, while the cheese and nibbles take care of dinner.

wine tasting

Book exchange

Or how about something a bit intellectual, like a book exchange party? Not quite a book club, this kind of party gives you the chance to share your favourite book with a friend. Keep the element of surprise by wrapping up your chosen book, and putting names into a bowl to decide who gets what book. This is a great way for you and your friends to read a book written in a genre that you might not have considered before.

Entertainment is so often what we choose to make it, so do not consider a mum’s night in a compromise or second best, but rather a chance to enjoy like-minded company in the most comfortable surroundings.