Adding handles to your commercial paper bags makes sense for a whole host of reasons. You’ll make them easier to carry, increase their perceived value, and have the freedom to try out more creative designs. Of course, there’s more than one type of handle available – you can generally choose from:

  • Folded Paper
  • Rope
  • Twisted Paper
  • Ribbon

There’s no one right option. You simply need to read through the relative benefits with your own needs in mind.

Folded Paper

This is the most natural choice due to its simple construction. A length of standard paper is simply folded at each end and then attached to the bag. Folded paper handles are great when bags aren’t going to hold anything too heavy and you want to keep your costs down. They’re also great for the environment since they are easy to recycle.


Rope handles are usually made from cotton. Though more expensive than paper handles, customers tend to like them since they feel good on the skin and don’t bunch up. They can also be used to carry reasonably heavy loads. Rope handles carry a high-end air, so providing them will reflect well on your business.

Twisted Paper

Much like folded paper handles, twisted paper handles are often preferred by people who want to keep down their costs, but they’re generally a little better if your bags need to take a little more weight and last a little longer. Twisted handles strike an authentic, homespun air that many businesses find fits well with their brand.


Ribbon isn’t as strong as cotton rope and tends to dig into the palms when use to hold heavier items. That said, it’s also very soft and comes in a wide array of colours, so ribbon handles are a great way to add an extra bit of chic styling to your bags. Ribbon is ideal for smaller bags used to carry high-end products, such as jewellery and beauty products.