If you want to see a lot of kids smile from ear to ear, host a children’s party!

Last weekend, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our twins – Tatum and Willow. We were a bit apprehensive about the cost and the work that’s needed for the event, but good thing my friend Jeanne, a party planner, helped us out. Inspired from her, I have some suggestions that anyone can use for the children’s party and I wish to share them with you.

  1. Party Theme! According to Jeanne, kids love parties with a great theme. Never settle for ordinary when you can make it extraordinary! The favorite film of the twins is Monsters Inc. Yes, they may not understand the film, but once they see Big Mike and Sully they will stop whatever they are doing, stare at the two monsters and start giggling. Obviously, we had to use the film as a theme for the party. The kids and their parents had to wear monster-looking suits too! I never thought kids in our neighborhood (and their parents!) are creative! No doubt the party theme idea was a success.
  2. Party bags and Table decorations! Children’s party should always have party bags for all the kids. Just nice and inexpensive stuff kids would love to get. Thanks to Jeanne and the party experts, I don’t need to worry about the party bags. They were so affordable I decided to buy some more just to make sure all the visitors have something to take home. Moreover, the table decorations were also well-made. Monster Inc. inspired of course!
  3. Balloons! I love balloons myself, so I decided to buy some green and purple balloons online. We placed some balloons near the bouncy castle in the garden. I also got some Big Mike and Sully balloons. They look fantastic! Willow and Tatum made sure they had one. The other balloons were given to some lucky kids in the party.
  4. Activites! Our party was brimming with entertaining activities for the kids to relish. Much like the typical children’s gatherings, we had an array of delightful options lined up. Face Painting, a karaoke machine, and an engaging treasure hunt were all on the agenda. The children reveled in the simple joys of blowing bubbles, mastering hula hoops, and skipping rope. We spiced things up with classic games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, and pin the tail on the donkey. The result? A fantastic time had by all, and beaming smiles on the faces of our young guests as the party came to a close.
  5. Food! My friend Jeanne emphasized that complicated food stuff is not needed for children’s party (thank goodness!). Pasta, some finger food, ice-cream and the birthday cake is sometimes enough. Most kids love to run around during parties, so we had easy to eat AND easy to clean food items.
  6. Special Show! To make the party extra special, we came up with a ‘unique’ show. We are not interested with the usual show presenting magicians, bubble makers, clowns and other stuff. My husband decided to have film viewing for all the guests. Obviously, it started with the Monster Inc. film. We ended the viewing by giving great prizes to kids with awesome monster attires!

Hosting children’s party is challenging! You need to prepare a lot of things, but the most important part of all is to make all the kids smile, giggle and have a great time! What do you get in return? Well, how about unexpected thank you kisses from the birthday celebrants? They are irreplaceable bonuses you get for a job well-done!