Just because you are now pregnant, does not mean your life comes to a screeching halt until your baby is born. There are still many things going on in your day to day life, like before you became pregnant. The only difference now is, that you have to take into consideration your developing child and your bodily changes.

When taking your unborn child as well as the changes you are going through while pregnant, it can require adjustments to your regular routine. You may have to consider things such as safety, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and any risk factors. There are definitely things you need to watch out for when traveling while pregnant, so take note of the following key points.

Always Be Prepared

In general, traveling takes plenty of preparation. One has to consider where they would like to go, or where they are going. They also have to take into consideration their accommodations, mode of travel, packing, finances and other nuances. When a woman is pregnant, she has to consider the same.

However, scheduling a pre-travel checkup is also a wise decision. It is a wise decision because it allows you to discuss your travel plans with your prenatal care provider. In this way your care provider will be able to check you and your baby’s state of well-being. Your care provider will also be able to offer advice and tips on how to safely and comfortably travel. Furthermore, they might give you extra prescription for any prenatal vitamins or medications needed for your travels.

If you are travelling internationally, you may be given medications that are needed to avoid illness in foreign countries. The care provider may also provide documentation stating that it is okay for you to travel. In some instances, however depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy or due to concerns, travel may not be advised by the care provider.

Bring Your Medical Documents With You

When packing for your trip, make sure you bring copies of important medical documents. These medical documents should have your care provider’s name and phone number in case they need to be contacted. You should also have a list of any medications and medical conditions that you may have. You should also have more than enough of any prescription medicines and prenatal vitamins. If flying, make sure you put medical records, prescriptions, medicines, and prenatal vitamins in a TSA approved container in your carryon luggage.

This will help in case your luggage is lost during travel. This is also advisable if you are traveling via bus or train. It is important that you are adequately prepared in this regard, just in case you need medical attention during your travels.

Aim For Comfort During Your Travels

Traveling also requires adequate comfort. Be sure to wear comfortable, temperature appropriate clothing, as well as well-fitting shoes during your travels. If you own a pregnancy pillow, definitely bring it with you and if you don’t, go and buy one immediately. If traveling by plane, you should make sure that when you book your flight, your seat is on the corner and will allow you to get up and walk around with ease. Taking time to walk during the flight helps to lessen the risk of developing potentially fatal blood clots in the legs.

If needed, make sure to inform the airline that you book with that you are pregnant for extra accommodation needs. Depending on how far along you are, you may want to ask for a seatbelt extender on the flight so you may be safely buckled in. If possible, be sure to take a small pillow with you or wear a pregnancy support brace to keep your back comfortable during the flight. While onboard make sure to eat well and keep yourself hydrated.

If traveling by car, bus or train, again wear comfortable clothing. Make sure to take frequent stops if traveling with a car, so that you can walk around and stretch your legs as needed. Once again, bring your pregnancy pillow with you to properly support your back, and keep the temperature of the car at a comfortable level. If you aren’t the one driving, it is a good idea to nap as much as desired.

If you are traveling by train or bus, if you can, get off the bus or train to stretch when they stop for rests. If you are not able to, or your bus or train ride is very short it is still advisable to get up and walk around briefly. Keep plenty of water on you to keep yourself hydrated, and use the restroom as necessary. Also no matter what mode of transportation you are using, be sure to take your prenatal vitamins and medications on time.

When you finally arrive at your destination, make sure to get some rest. Also take some time to elevate your legs. This can help you to recover easier from any lengthy travel. During your travels make sure to rest as needed, dress comfortably, stay hydrated and nourished. Also, make sure you do not overwhelm yourself with too many activities.
If any medical concerns come up, call your care provider at once or seek medical attention immediately. You don’t want to chance anything and risk any further complications.