There was a time many years ago when the “blokes” would all head down to a local pub and celebrate the stags so called last night of freedom with a lot of pints and shouting. This then grew into stag weekends set a number of weeks before the wedding so people weren’t missing their own weddings. These weekends spawned a huge industry of activates and things to do to which is continuing to grow to this day. Alongside this stag do trend the humble hen do grew too and is still growing with as much speed as stag dos. But, there is change in the air. Where once there was quite a distinct difference in the choice of activates either sex went for the girls have really taken the fun back and are choosing more and more things that would not have been common 10 years ago. This is great news, why should the boys have all the fun!

Hen Do Standards

There were always some pretty standard hen do activities. It was pampering days, spa days and maybe wine tasting or afternoon tea but that was about it. These are all quite sedate and relaxing and for a lot of women this is fine but this doesn’t mean the girls don’t want to do something active too. The trend was party caused by women booking these things but also perhaps because of a lack of other things on offer. Thankfully things are changing, and women are demanding more and more options that involve mud, speed, petrol and bags and bags of fun. Companies like Fizzbox are reporting a big upsurge in women booking activities that used to be predominantly male.

What Kind Of Things are Popular?

The range is, of course, pretty but below are just a few activities that were once the preserve of the stag do and are now firmly in the line of sight for any self respecting hen do planner!


It was mentioned earlier and it is still growing in popularity every year. It may seem like something full of people who know what they are doing and so creating a non-welcoming environment but good karting tracks offer some amazing packages where you can have the track to yourselves and feel confident the team are there to make sure you have a blast. It is basically quite easy to drive a kart round the track but to go fast is another thing entirely. It is incredibly exciting, and it is something most people never forget.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

No one ever said girls didn’t like guns which is possibly why so many hen do’s are choosing to do a bit of shooting as a day time activity before heading out on the town or back to a big party house. These days the idea of actually shooting a living thing is likely to only be popular with a minority but clay pigeons don’t feel a thing! Its great fun and it offers a great mix of trying something new, doing something a little bit scary and all with an element of competition. Learning to shoot a shotgun is fun in itself and seeing the clays explode when you hit one is very satisfying!


OK it’s a bit of a traditional one but there is a reason stag parties have been heading to these places for years. As with karting, good paintball companies will allow you to have the area to yourselves so there is no room for any stupid macho showboating or intimidation. This is a chance for the girls to grab some guns, run around a lot and really get some adrenalin flowing. It is full on, it does help if you are a little bit fit and it does hurt a bit. BUT….these things all go to making it an amazing thing to do. The tales of who shot who and the sharing of the bruises afterwards lead to some very funny memories!

There are so many more choice out there from school sports day games, bubble football, surf lessons and more. Why would anyone choose sitting around all day in a spa when you can get the girls together and go and have some serious fun. It is no wonder the trend in hen dos is firmly moving towards more active things to do. It is also important to say that no suggested you cant still have some kind of hunky guy with very little on as part of the proceedings later on! So some things should never change!