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If you’re looking for something interesting to occupy your children with over the summer holidays this year, it could be time you found some cool arts and crafts ideas they are guaranteed to love. Luckily, I’m somewhat of an expert on this subject, and so the information contained in this post should be of some use to you. With that in mind, you should grab yourself a hot drink, get really comfortable and spend a few minutes scanning through the rest of this post. I have every confidence you’ll find something suitable, regardless of your own personal tastes and interests. At the end of the day, your goal is to keep the kids doing something productive, and there really is no better way of achieving this than by getting crafty.

Birthday cards

This is probably one of the simplest craft ideas you could consider, but your children are sure to love it. The chances are that a lot of their friends will have upcoming birthdays during the summer months, and so encouraging them to make their own cards using coloured paper, glitter, stickers and whatever else you can think of will be very enjoyable. Of course, if they get anything wrong, there’s nothing stopping them from starting all over again, as the materials are really cheap, and you can get lots of different kits if you look online.

Photo frames

All you need for this is some wood, a few tools and a hot melt glue gun. Just make sure you don’t let the kids get too close to this, as it could cause them an injury if left unsupervised. While you’ll probably have to cut the materials down to size and stick them together, your children will be free to decorate the frames in whichever way they choose. Some will want to use the same ideas as they did on the birthday cards, and some will think outside of the box and do something different. Seashells usually work well.

Sock puppets

Do you remember when you were a child, and sock puppets were all the rage? Well, why not consider reviving this with your own kids? It’s really simple to make your own puppets, and you can find lots of online guides telling you how to do this, so what are you waiting for? The only things you really need to buy are some plastic eyes and perhaps some stickers, but you could even make these yourself using white and black paper if you wanted to.

Well, my crafty friends, I sincerely hope this article has given you the inspiration needed to think of some really cool activities to perform with the little ones in your family this summer. Remember, you don’t have to use any of the suggestions I’ve just made if you really don’t want to, they’ve just been listed as a means of sparking your imagination.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a lovely time during the summer holidays, and I look forward to seeing you back here again soon.