There are some days when you are going to feel beaten down and like there is just too much going on; too much to do, too much responsibility, too much pressure – and that’s okay. We all feel like that every once in a while, and it’s perfectly normal. The best response to such stress, however, is going to be to remove yourself from the equation entirely.

Now there are many things that people do to alleviate their stress. Some explore their creative side through wood-turning, writing, or playing an instrument. There are those who prefer to sit back and relax; they may choose to take a kip, lay on a comfy sofa, or even smoke some marijuana which they avail through a San Francisco weed delivery, or elsewhere. Then there are those who seek thrill by going on hikes, working out, and going a few rounds with the punching bag.

But what you like to do rests on you. Some of these things may be effective, but it may lose its effectiveness when overused. So, you should consider trying out something new. If you feel fatigued or wiped out, call in sick, use a holiday, or just ask your parents to watch the kids over the weekend. Once that is taken care of, you’ll want to use these top four methods to treat yourself:


Book a Spa


One of the best ways to treat yourself is with a spa trip. This can be as budget-friendly as finding a great spa or as luxurious as getting a full-body massage. There are some truly incredible options out there in both categories, including some operated by local councils. Other options, of course, include lounging near a Lido or heading to any of the swimming pools near you. Let your stresses melt away as you catch up on some rest and relaxation.


Treat Yourself to a Meal Out


Go out for a meal by yourself. No kids to deal with, no compromising to find a restaurant that has something for and your partner. If you want to find a wholesome meal, then you can order in from places like Neds Noodle Bar Basildon. Or, if you’re going to treat yourself to some fine French food, then look up options and budget in advance. Eating alone is lovely, and will allow you to focus on just yourself and being pampered for a little while.


Go On a Long, Quiet Walk


Reconnecting with natural spaces is proven to help reduce stress and promote your mental health. That is why, when things get hectic at home, the best thing to do is just find a great park and go on a walk alone or with your dog.


Learn Something New


Use your time to yourself to recommit to one of your passions. Find a cheap class or workshop in something you love doing and just go. Do it alone and make some new friends while you engage creatively with something you love.


If your own personal relaxation method isn’t included here, then, by all means, make time for it. These are suggestions based on science that are proven to help you calm yourself and manage stress, and should at least be tried out. If they work, make time for them more often throughout your schedule to help you manage stress and bounce back after a bad day.