When you’re looking to bring your home bang up to date, knowing what the trends are and where they are heading is key. Then you can start to plan your budget. Once you have figured out what you can afford to change and how you are going to change it, then it is time to hit the stores! We give you our top five ideas for bringing your home up to date with just one or two changes:

  1. Flooring – Wooden floors have never been more popular. This is because there are so many choices in color, grain and finish. The glossier finishes are trending right now because it reflects the light even from the darkest wood species. And there are some beautiful shades in woods like maple, to enhance the chic style of your room.


Image from Flickr.com

  1. Lighting – The light you bring into the room can help create the mood and character of the space. If you want to be on trend this season, then a modern light fitting is worth the investment. Look out for structure and form in the fitting. Then select a good quality warm white LED bulb to enhance your color palette. There are many suppliers online offering fittings like the designer Kichler Lighting to bring your room up to date.
  2. Decor – Color is key again this season. Moody blues are essential to bring your style bang up to date. You can find some great wallpapers that show up various tones of this contemporary color. For a cheaper solution, look at combining two intensities of blue shades on the walls with paint. Try a hint of pale blue with a shade closer to cobalt for energy and excitement. Large pieces of wall art in your favorite tones of blue bring depth to your room. Shapes and lines from modern art look incredible in this color.
  3. Accessorize – Textured items are amazing for finishing touches. Choose from shiny, smooth baubles, to crunchy potpourri, or a delightful combination of the two! Metallic objects capture and reflect light and color so freely. Soft furnishings can be essential in creating these effects. Wools and faux furs can be combined to develop an amazing texture in the room.
  4. Furniture – Less is more this season. If your furniture is a little on the chunky size, now may be the time to install some smaller pieces. Corner suites tend to take up less floor space than armchairs. They also tend to have great lines. You can find some beautiful two color sofas, but we quite like a single color to keep things simple and almost minimalist.

Intensity in design is the driving force behind trending styles this season. You can see why blues and metallics are key to creating this great look. Bring together glossy woods and metals and you can build the esthetics of the style you want easily. Intense and powder blues both complement these colors and finishes so well. Soften the room with textures from fabrics. Choose wool rather than linen, and tactile items like furs and silks instead of cottens. Garnish the room with small display items and personalize the space with silver framed photos of loved ones. Enjoy.