While Sicily is valued for its artistic, cultural and historical preeminence in the Mediterranean heartland, it is also a great place for the whole family to enjoy with children, who will find plenty of fun activities to do and at any time of year – a good idea if you want to break out of the crowded holidays of Summer or the New Year when tourism is at its highest. Regarding the flight, there is a number of airlines flying directly to Sicily  at relatively cheap prices which is particularly useful when planning a trip at the last moment.


For kids Sicily has it all: the stage plays and festivals at the restored Greco-Roman amphitheatre (3rd Century BC) of Taormina- and nearby Isola Bella with a natural park protected under the UNESCO heritage initiative, with a sandy beach and emerald blue bay to swim around, sunbathe or take boat rides and explore the grottos and caves; the beaches of Agrigento (San Leone being a major favorite for families and kids), the volcano-treks around the craters of smoking Etna, hikes through the 4 major parks and nature reserves of the mainland and the Aeolians, all make for an adventurous, fun and educational experience.

Less visited spots laying off the beaten track are also a rare sight, like the volcanoes in the Stromboli and Vulcano Aeolian islands, with their black sandy beaches and daily displays of flowing lava and magma fumes that you can observe while staying at one of the family run villas or apartments for rent in the islands.

After all the Granitas, gelatos al Pistacchio, pizzette (mini-pizzas), a culinary experience of the traditional Sicilian delights in one of the local family-owned agriturismo cottages, will provide a unique opportunity to introduce your kids to the advantages of a healthy diet- one that has made Italy renowned throughout the world as the one with the best health benefits to ensure healthy growth and longevity. And as the country with the best wines in the world a small glass of red wine added with water would be something for your kids to try at least once- as it is a local custom used to introduce children to its many health benefits.