A good pair of designer sunglasses will see you through all seasons, and work with all of your outfits. Whether you want to defend your eyes from the wind on a cool but bright autumn day with your favourite boots, scarf and coat, or you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of bright sunlight in summer while still looking fabulous, sunglasses, when chosen right, are not only a health essential but also one of the easiest ways to add some glamour to any look. Having said that, if you’re looking for women’s or mens sunglasses, go through sites like clearly.ca. You may get a fair idea of how much various sunglass brands might cost and if it’s worth investing in one. Anyway, there are a lot of options out there and if you’re getting confused as to which one to choose, read further –


Photo by Michael Dorausch

If you are looking for a great pair to see you through 2015, here are some brands with amazing collections this year that have been picked out to suit your personal style:

Classic Chic – Valentino

Valentino is always a good choice for sunglasses, because they offer classic styles that will never look out of date. While there are always changes to their designs to reflect the most current fashions and colour schemes, if you choose a Valentino pair this year there is no reason why you can’t keep using them for years to come while still looking tasteful and on trend. Look for chic, glamorous styles with large frames in light shades to maximise on this year’s popular colours, or go for something in black or tortoiseshell for a style that has a slight retro feel but is still very ‘now’.

Casual Style – Boss Orange

The Boss Orange range by Hugo Boss offers the quality and style of classic Hugo Boss but with a more edgy, urban twist. If you want a great pair of versatile, comfortable sunglasses that will look understated yet cool with your casual clothes, a Boss Orange pair from the 2015 range is the ideal choice – both for men and women. The 2015 collection features classic aviator styles along with fashionable square frames, all with subtle Boss branding. These are great sunglasses if you want to shade your eyes and look cool while driving, and also perfect for shopping or casual occasions with friends.


Sporty, Functional Cool – Oakley

Oakley have long been a go to brand for eyewear for sport and leisure purposes, so if you are looking for performance sunglasses to wear while you are out skiing, cycling, sailing, or whatever else you like to do outdoors, you can’t really go wrong with this collection. However, Oakley’s young, cool styling with a choice of modern colours and styles can also be appealing for normal everyday wear if you favour a relaxed, sporty look. Check out the latest designs at Red Hot Sunglasses to see the styles Oakley have on offer for 2015.

There are loads of great new sunglasses designs for 2015 by all of the biggest names in fashion and performance eyewear. Whether you need your sunglasses for sport, driving, or just to protect your eyes and accessorise your outfits, there are sunglasses to suit you among the new collections and trends for this year. Have fun choosing your favourites and wearing them all year long!