The barriers to entry into the world of operating an accounting business are perhaps as low as they’ve ever been because you don’t even really need to have spent many years of your life at college to get into this industry. If you want to start an accounting business at home, there are only a few key pointers to keep in mind.

Do your market research

While it’s true that you’ve probably not chosen a profitable field to get into by starting your own accounting business at home, the truth is that no startup can generate and enjoy profits from day one. You have to put effort to reap those benefits. You can start with market research – yes, the market is definitely there for the taking, but you need to know where your potential client base lies before your accounting business takes off. Achieving that could require proper allocation of resources like MaxDiff Analysis and other user base evaluating tools to attract and bring in new customers.

Register your business formally

There are no two ways about it – as much as this is a business which will be operated from your home address, it has to be a professional one, bearing a professional name which gives some legitimacy to the trust you want your clients to put in you.

Learn sales skills

The Andrew Argue course cost you might be looking into as a possible source for learning the sales skills you’ll need to run your business suggests that it really doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You’ll definitely need to learn some sales skills though. It’s no longer enough to learn the core skills of accounting or indeed to source those skills using technology or hiring qualified accounting personnel. These days there are accounting templates which can be used as an industry standard and in addition to many accounting professionals competing for the business of what could very well be your targeted client-base, you need to learn how to set yourself apart and operate as somewhat of a rainmaker.


Networking is extremely important in this business and if for example your own network is comprised out of people who own and operate their own businesses, that’s the perfect place to start to get your clients. You should be networking 24/7.

Market your business

Never miss an opportunity to sell your services, even if all you really do in the moment is invite prospects to simply have a look at your website. Clients aren’t going to come to you. You’ll have to be the one to draw them in and this will require quite a bit of marketing, although luckily it’s really just straight-forward and nothing overly fancy.

Stay dynamic

This Andrew Argue YouTube video demonstrates a key trait which would be required of a home accounting business or any other accounting business for that matter, which is the need for dynamism. You need to be adaptable in what is an ever changing world and business environment as this is what’s required to acquire and keep clients. Stay true to a core vision, but be adaptable in what you have to offer.