Baby’s first birthday is always a milestone that parents want to commemorate, but it’s also the birthday your little one won’t participate in much. The key is to remember that this party is more for you and the family than it is for your little one! They are too little to pin the tail on the donkey or to even open their own presents.

This aside, if they have siblings or you are inviting other little ones that may want to hit a pinata for some free candy, you want to have these types of things. There is a lot that goes into a party even for tiny ones that aren’t going to do much other than sleep and be cute.

Make It Fun For Kids And Adults

You need to consider the different age groups that you will have in attendance at your little ones first birthday party when it comes to making plans. You will need to make sure that each age group finds some sort of entertainment. That could be as easy as having age appropriate games and drinks for everyone.

Set up card tables for the adults and have some fun playing poker or rummy while the little ones play. Make sure to have plenty for them to play with. You could also have someone dressed up in costumes if it’s a themed party. You could even have a magician, which can still be fun for the adults as well.

It Should Be Photo Worthy

The main point of this party is going to be the memories, so you will want to make sure you are recording those memories. You can do that with video and with photos. Photos will be more fun if you make sure that your party is photo worthy, with the right decor and more.

You might want to stage photos with the costumed characters, or maybe even get some of those photo props where people put their head behind the board and become an ape or a clown. This is not only photo worthy, but it can also be fun for all ages.

Have Food For Everyone

Remember, children don’t always enjoy eating the same things that adults do. That means that you just might be making double the food for your little one’s first birthday party. Want to make it easier? Consider hiring a catering company and have someone else do the work for you.

You have enough on your plate when it comes to invites, setting your home up, and all of the general planning, you don’t want to be burning cupcakes just because you took on too much work. You’ll probably even save some money on the caterer when you don’t need to buy as much food or spend as much time in the kitchen.