We all have the issue at some point and time in our homes. Whether it be roaches, moths, mice, ants, or some other pest, we all deal with it from time to time. The bring in germs, eat our clothes and our food, leave droppings and just generally make things a mess. Not to mention how embarrassing it can be when company comes over. Having pests is normally associated with being dirty and having an unkempt home. Below are three typical situations and some ways that you can take care them.


Welcome to ewww. This is not Disney World and this Mickey is not welcome. How many times, in the winter months especially, have you heard the rustling in the pantry or seen a flash of black or brown scurry across your living room or kitchen floor? The invasion of mice, whether it’s one or more, has never been an event that is looked forward to. While aware mice are only looking for food and shelter, your house is not an option.

There are a few ways to handle it. One, buy a cat. Cats are lovable and low maintenance and enjoy the hunting and killing of just about anything that moves. They are also non-toxic. Two, set some traps. Mice are traditionally attracted to cheese, but you may have more luck with peanut butter. Of course, you can always set out poison, as well. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of children and realize the reaching effects of the chemicals.


These vermin tend to be the nastiest of the bunch. They breed quickly, carry numerous parasites and germs, and seem not to fear anything. They are notoriously hard to kill. They eat almost anything, but thrive on food that has been left out. You will notice them by finding eggs casings, seeing their droppings, smelling them, or physically seeing one. Roaches are absolutely never welcome and here are a few ways to deal with the issue.

First, life gets busy sometimes and we just forget some things, but try not to let those things be putting dinner away or doing the dishes. Never leave boxes of food open, as well. These are buffets waiting to happen for roaches. Two, you can set up roach motels. They are helpful if you have a small problem. Finally, if things get out of hand, as they will quickly, you can call someone to spray pesticides or choose to fog your home.


Moths are a little less heard of an issue, but still prevalent. They prefer to eat animal-based clothing and can cause damage to furniture. Moths will infest open food sources, as well. Not to mention their annoying habit of flying around the house and getting in your hair or face is just not something anyone enjoys dealing with on a day-to-day basis. So, those who wish to get them out of their lives as soon as possible can consider calling a pest control expert from PestControlExperts.com (looking up “Terminix” on the Web can help locate the firm) who can provide an effective resolution in a short span of time. However, those who want to deal with this issue alone without external help can follow the below-mentioned pieces of information.

First, take care of your clothes. Make sure to wash them regularly to get rid of moth eggs, cover them with plastic when you can, and keep your closets clean with a vinegar solution. Next on the list, you set out moth traps. These contain a pheromone that attracts them. Lastly, there are several chemical solutions, from sprays to fogs, that you can get to snuff out the pests or in severe cases, you can call pest control.

Whichever pest decides to invade your home, make sure to let them know how unwelcome they are by following the tips above. Take your home back!