Having a baby is the most special moment for any parent. So it’s likely that being a parent you will be intended to take special care of your baby. The most time your baby will spend is probably the nursery, so for you, it’s very important to make the nursery safe for your baby.

So you will always be in an urge to make your baby’s room safe, comfortable and attractive. So here are some of the tips which you should make sure before buying any of the nursery furniture for your baby.

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  • Baby Cribs

Between the age of 2 to 3 years it’s likely that your child will sleep in a crib. So make sure that the crib you choose is safe and comfortable for your baby.

An unsafe crib may raise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. There are certain cribs which come with built-in drawers which can provide an extra storage facility for storing baby bedding and supplies. This can help you save a lot of your room space.

  • Crib Mattresses

Firm and comfortable mattresses are a key to safe and sweet sleep for your baby. So a comfortable, sturdy, and less costly mattress can be ideal for your baby.

Make sure  that you buy a firm crib mattress which is specifically for babies. As a soft mattress can cause a suffocation hazard.

There are basically two types of mattresses which you can choose from: foam and innerspring. You can choose what you prefer the most between the two for your baby.

  • Bassinets and Cradles

The most convenient and comfortable sleeping place for your baby is a bassinet or a cradle. So it’s very important that the bassinet or cradle that you choose is cozy and comfortable for your baby. Make sure that the bassinet is easily movable so that you can put it right next to your bed to easily carry out middle-of-the-night feeding and comforting your baby.

Before buying any bassinet check thoroughly that the bassinet is completely safe for your baby. One should avoid bassinets and cradles with a motion or a rocking feature as this can arise a risk factor of suffocation in some cases.

  • Changing Tables

Till your baby grows up you will change their diapers regularly and for that, you will require a comfortable place to perform the task.

A dedicated changing table with guardrails and a safety strap can help you carry out the task easily. Before buying a changing table make sure that the changing table consists of safe and perfect guardrails, safety straps and sturdy legs.

  • Gliders and ottomans

Gliders have been an important fixture in the nursery of its back and forth motion it induces a soothing and comfortable sleeping experience. Gliders are considered to be much safer than a rocking chair as it reduces a lot of risk factors that can happen to a baby. A perfect ottoman and cushion with your glider which moves with the same motion as the glider can prove to be like an icing on the cake. But before buying a glider check the type of wood and its finishing, the quality of fabric and the mechanism of the glider.

Now having got some valuable tips about choosing nursery furniture for your baby. Use these tips and make your babies first steps in the new world comfortable and convenient.