The term ‘resolutions’ always reminds us of the dawn of a new year, a time when we all desire to make new beginnings for the things we deem important or crucial in our lives. There is always something you want to do differently, in the hope of having a better life or improved relationships. They could be determinations with regard to spending habits, improving on our health, putting more focus on saving patterns, or trying new investments. And while it is important to make such New Year resolutions, have you thought about clearing out your home in the New Year?

The mother and the wife in the home…

Mother and child

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No story about any home will ever be complete without talking about the mother and the wife in any given home; no matter how hard one might try to turn a blind eye to this reality. Every year, families work hard to acquire new items that stuff the house by mid-year, and within no time there is hardly any space left for any gift that might come your way. That might not be as much of a problem as having a husband and children in the house who throw things around the house, and rely on you to keep the house clean and in order, right?

I always dread getting home after a long day at work, and I just can’t figure out in good time where some item is in the house, simply because the drawers and the cabinets are crowded. It is my belief the things you often use should be within easy and quick reach.

In other instances, the house could be so full that the house simply looks messy and out of order, no matter how much you try to put things in place. The sad bit is that there are things you no longer use, but they still occupy your sitting room and the bedroom, and remain there unused year after another. Now that cannot be funny, given that they are not appreciating in value, they are no longer in use, and they are not paying rent for occupying your house!

What then?

You don’t need to burden yourself with all the unused or unneeded items in the house. All you need to do is to get in touch with your local pawnbroker and your worries will become a thing of the past! That handbag in the house, the stereo system, that phone, the car, clothes, play stations, watches, books and laptops, among many others, could easily be converted to cash.

This way, you can ease your financial burdens, and secure some extra money to cater for projects on top of your list, plan for the long awaited vacation to some place, and acquire new products that you really need for your home in 2015.


As mothers, we can seize this opportunity to not only get rid of what we don’t really need in our homes, but to also make milestones in new acquisitions, and have our desired homes and experiences for 2015.