Being a mum is a fulltime commitment, and there’s no doubt that taking time out from the workforce to start and raise a family has an impact on your household income. It’s not impossible, however, for mums to still play a part in bringing home a little bacon. These days there are a whole range of different side incomes for mums who are keen to have a go at adding to the family savings account; from learning to trade through one of many organisations, of which Knowledge to Action is just one such example – you can check out their LinkedIn for further information – to proofreading articles like this one. The internet has made it easier than ever for mums to develop a side income – or several side incomes – while working around their family. Below are a few examples of side incomes that some mums have found to be lucrative, and a lot of fun – the key is to think creatively.


Overseas students often visit these shores to study English, and many seek accommodation with a local family so they can live in the culture they’re studying and practise their English. Most require a private room, internet access and one or two meals a day (usually breakfast and dinner as they are often at school during the day). If your home is located on or near a major transport route – especially one that offers access to the campus where students study, you could convert it into a homestay-like accommodation.

You could also do this with any property that is unused; simply convert it into a cozy place to stay, and list it on a platform like Airbnb. If you’re busy or do not have enough time to manage the place, you could find a company near you that will do the job for you. By allotting a specific amount towards the property management cost, you could build yourself a side income to supplement your family’s finances. And if the odds favour it, you may even find your guest willing to babysit the odd night or two, giving you a chance to get out now and then.



If you’re a mum who loves to browse you may like to check out thrift stores, deceased estate sales and garage sales for good quality second hand goods; clothes in particular can be onsold for quite a decent profit. Set yourself up with an eBay store or something similar on Etsy, learn to take a decent photo of your items for sale, and you’re well on your way to running your own little store from home.

Freelance Your Skills

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You’re a mum so you must have skills; perhaps you create your own card designs, or make your own jewellery. Do you know how to edit or write articles like this one? If so, you can set yourself up as a freelancer and market your skills to the online world. With a little promotion and a decent internet connection, you can build a tidy income for yourself. Who knows? You may never go back to your old job again.

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It pays to think outside the box – and even new mums are old hands at this. If taking time out from your career is starting to burn a hole in your household balance sheet, get resourceful and look into some options. There’s probably one or two side incomes for mums that you could turn your hands to fairly easily.

Do you know any mumpreneurs? What side incomes do they operate? Share your insights below.