If your home is looking a little worn down and sad, there are simple things you can do perk it up and add value. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon, it can be a drag to live in a place that looks old and dirty. Things get worn out and weathered. It’s just the way things work. Carpets get dirty, walls get banged up, and yards grow weeds.

Getting your home inspected for structural defects may be necessary before investing a specific amount of money in home renovations. Should the structure become weak, buying a new home from a reputed builder might be the best option (for more information, check out this builder). For those who have recently purchased a house, a few simple fixes can give your house a facelift. These things will simultaneously make you feel better about living in your home as well as add value instantly in case you ever do want to sell.

Use Paint to Give the Interior and Exterior New Life

Paint is a home decorator’s best friend. Just as makeup is a girl’s best friend, paint will cover up any inconsistencies and add a pop of color to bring out the best features in or around any home. It is possible to get an excellent value for the amount of work that needs to be done if you choose hire professional painters. Hiring professional will also ensure that you get excellent advice on color choice. You’ll want to choose a color that is timeless and versatile for the exterior.

You’ll also want to choose a color that goes with the homes around you. Once you choose a neutral color for the majority of your home, you can then choose whatever color you want to add to the shutters, doors and trim.

For the interior, paint will brighten up a space if you use it right. Choose colors that will reflect light to make your home feel like it has more windows. If you use a dark color indoors, there won’t be as much light present, so choose carefully.

Hardwood is Timeless and Trending

Hardwood is a beautiful option if you’re looking to change up a space and make it modern and more aesthetically pleasing. Many old homes will even have hardwood underneath the carpeting, so if you don’t want to buy new hardwood, see if this is the case for you and your home.

Otherwise, spend the money and get a pretty hardwood installed. If you don’t like how cold hardwood can get in the winter, invest in area rugs or heated flooring. Hardwood is just so practical on so many levels. It’s durable, easy to clean, goes with everything, and transcends time.

It’s not like shag carpet or linoleum floors. Hardwood is one of the best investments you can make on your home, not to mention, it will add a lot of value.

There are many other things you can do to your home to make it fresh and more valuable, but the two mentioned above are a great place to start. Paint will transform your place into a whole new house. If that’s not enough, throw some new home decor items in the mix for a pop of color.