Have you been waiting for the busy summer season to quieten down so you can book a romantic getaway? The kids are finally back at school, the beaches are empty once again, and the cost of travel has returned to normal. Now is the perfect time to get away from it all with your significant other and have some fun of your own.

Cornwall is a really great place to get away from it all. As you travel west out of London, it is the last few miles that seem to take the longest. There are plenty of windy, country lanes on the way through this county. And the views are gorgeous. Chocolate box cottages and stone walls can be found in lots of the villages on the way to Cornwall. It can be nice to stop at a little country pub for a good meal on your way through.

When you arrive in Cornwall, there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. You can stay in a Looe hotel at a reasonable rate, and it puts you in a good position for visiting local attractions. Looe Island is one of the most interesting historic sites to visit. It’s full of religious intrigue and is also home to a great nature reserve. There is also a monkey sanctuary nearby to interest the animal lovers.

If you are interested in wildlife and marine preservation, then this part of the world is one of the best to visit. The best thing about Cornwall is how pleasant it is just to wander through. Some of the most romantic walks can be found here, and it can be beautifully quiet offseason. The climate in Cornwall is somewhat different to the rest of England and the UK. You can have some warm and sunny days when it’s raining elsewhere. Of course, you can have some ferocious storms through the winter too.


Photo of Looe provided by Flickr

Cornwall is surrounded by amazing surf. For couples who love surfing and other water-based sports, Cornwall has it all. There are plenty of opportunities for surfing and boating most of the year around. There are also plenty of gorgeous beaches to enjoy a romantic walk. Some are by rugged cliffs, and others are quiet and tucked away.

Talland Bay is one of the most sheltered coves. It is famed for having been a ‘pirate port’ and smuggler’s sanctuary. The beach is mostly shingle, but it still makes for an interesting and romantic spot. St. Catherine’s Castle may be a ruin now, but it sets the scene for a romantic adventure. As a defensive castle, it sits in a prominent position and still looks impressive from the distance.

If you’ve been waiting all summer long for a quick, quiet and easy getaway, then Cornwall won’t disappoint. You can come here by train, car or even boat if you sail. Make the most of the coast while the weather is still good. Don’t forget to bring your camera for some marine wildlife spotting opportunities either. Cornwall is a great holiday destination for this Autumn.