If you’re looking for a cheap family day out that’s full of fun, Conwy, I’m sure, will not disappoint.

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Jack and I took the boys there on the weekend and we all had a great time – there are simply loads of cheap things to do in Conwy, North Wales. I guess it is weather dependent; torrential rain will – literally (!) – put a dampener on most things, but, as long as if you have a dry, bright, albeit cold day, you’re guaranteed to be entertained in Conwy.

The Castle

Call me easily pleased, but I love a big old pile of bricks to explore and, living in Wales, castles are one thing that’s not in short supply. Conwy Castle is pretty magnificent, and dominates the town’s skyline.


One piece of advice though: don’t take your eyes off your kids for a second. And no, I’m not warning you because of the dangers of Stranger Danger and I believe Conwy to be the heart of child trafficking. I’m warning you because there are a thousand little hidey holes ideal for naughty boys to hide and jump out from. I’m warning you for your own sanity. Call me a bad mother, but this happened about 5 times to me, to the point where I would have happily paid a child snatcher to abduct Christopher for a few hours.

Also, there are a few drops around the castle, and steep stone steps, so it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on your youngsters to try to make sure your child doesn’t break any bones or plummet to their death.

An adult ticket is £5.75 and children are £4.35, but a family ticket at £17.25 for 2 adults and up to 3 children gives a good discount; to put it into perspective, a family ticket for the castle is the same cost as one adult ticket to the Blue Planet Aquarium near Cheshire Oaks. #justsaying!

The Smallest House in the UK

Conwy small house

You can’t come to Conwy without seeing this; that would be like going to Florida and not doing Disney World, or going to Paris and missing the Eiffel Tower. It’ll take you all of 30 seconds to peek in and see the whole house, but you need to tick it off your list. At £1 for adults and 50p for children it won’t break the bank.

Crab Fishing

When I was a child my granddad used to take my younger brother and I crab fishing in various locations around North Wales, and Conwy was one of our favourite spots. Crabs seem to love to hang out in Conwy (you’d think maybe word would get around the sea neighbourhood as to where NOT to hang out if you’re a crab) so crab fishing is a lucrative business there, and there are tonnes of places dotted around the town (including on the front) that sell the basic crab lines and buckets.

Conwy crabs


WARNING: When returning your crabs to the water, although it’s fun to watch them scuttle across the ground first, don’t release them too far away from the water’s edge as you’ll make them an easy target for cheeky seagulls lurking around!

There’s nothing more traumatic for a child than watching the crabs they’ve caught, bonded with and reluctantly released be snatched up in the greedy beaks of naughty scavengers!

Boat Rides

conwy RNLI

Short 30 minute sightseeing cruises depart from the quayside regularly throughout the day from March to October, and offer gorgeous views of the surrounding areas. The route one way travels down the estuary and will allow you to take in the Conwy Valley, Snowdonia and Glan Conwy; choose the other route and you’ll see Llandudno West Shore, the Great Orme, and catch Anglesey and Puffin Island in the distance. Either way’s a winner!

Food and Drink

When it comes to food, I can’t help associating Conwy with fish and chips, and there are establishments aplenty in this snug little town – many who have won awards and aren’t afraid to shout about it!

Just watch out for seagulls. Damn seagulls again!

Conway fish and chips

If you’re after restaurants in Conwy, I’d highly recommend The Groes Inn. Besides its gorgeous, rural location (you’ll need to take a short drive out of the centre of the town to this establishment), the food is delicious and there’s plenty of choice of main meals and light bites.

My recommendation if you’re looking to stay in the centre of Conwy is Amelies, a cosy, quaint little café that offers tasty food and truly is one of Conwy’s hidden little gems.

What Do You Think Of Conwy?

I personally love everything about this quaint little town, and think there are tonnes of things to do in Conwy, North Wales, that will keep everyone happy all day long, but what does everyone else think?! Feel free to drop me a line about your own experiences.

I’d especially love to hear from people who have had a negative run in with a seagull. Perhaps we could start a support group, help each other overcome the trauma?