Are you wondering what to do with your old iPhone 7 32GB? You can’t just throw it in the trash. The iPhone has many elements that are hazardous to the environment. Don’t let the iPhone sit around your home. You can sell it for money or send it off to be recycled. There are several programs available to recycle your own device.

Apple has been very environmentally conscious over the past few years. They launched their own recycling program in 2016. The company has even created their own line of robots to help with the issue. Anyone can bring in an old device to an Apple store. The phones do not even have to be Apple branded devices. They will take any old phone and recycle it for free. There are no more worries about the parts ending up in a landfill. Every part will be properly recycled by Apple. Many of these parts are used to make new iPhones. The recycling program does not limit itself to smartphones either. Apples will take any laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and battery as well.

For those with newer iPhone devices, Apple is giving you a little extra incentive. You may be entitled to receive a gift certificate for a new purchase. It can help if you are expecting to buy a new Apple product in the future. The amount of the certificate depends on the condition of the phone. There is no set price for the gift certificates. This offer is only good for a few Apple products. Most models after the iPhone 4 are eligible for a gift certificate. You should always ask about eligibility before bringing in the device.

There are many sites online that will recycle your old iPhone 7 32GB for cash. These transactions are usually handled over the internet. You enter a description of the phone and wait for an offer. Once you have agreed to their terms, you can send the phone to the company for free. They will send you a check or deposit to your account. These companies will then sell your old device on their website. It is not the traditional sense of recycling, but it keeps the phone from going into the trash. These companies help breathe a little more life into your old phone. You benefit by getting a little money for an old device. Most companies do offer a price that is a little lower than if you were to sell it yourself. That is the one disadvantage of these services.

Another option is to donate the iPhone to a charitable organization. They usually will take an old phone in any condition. The charities often work with recycling programs to turn in the old device for cash. That money helps to fund their own charitable programs. You don’t even have to worry about bringing the device down in person. Many accept the donation through the mail service for free. You will not make any money from the device, but you will be helping a local charity in the community.

Some stores have their own recycling programs. It works in a way similar to the buyback reseller system. You can bring in the device and have it evaluated. You will be given a price and can choose whether or not to accept the offer. Funds are distributed through a voucher. Tesco is one of the major retailers with this program. The vouchers can be used in the store for groceries. You can also use the vouchers to buy airtime on your phone. This may be ideal if you spend a lot of money at a particular shop. Your old phone can help save money on the food budget.

It is easy to find places to recycle your old phone. Many companies will even give you money for the device. It is important to find a program that will give you the best deal and keep the phone out of the trash.