Before this week, the last time I’d set foot in a gym was during my years at university. Over the years I’ve always opted for the cheaper alternatives; running and cycling. Gyms, I feel, can be like subtle little money traps; they lure you in and then BAM! As soon as something comes up in your life, work pressures, kids’ illnesses, family commitments, you’re paying an arm and a leg for something you never use.

But, admittedly, I was enticed back in to the world of lycra and sweat by a friend raving about Technogym, and have been utterly seduced.

The key of magic, health and skinniness

What is Technogym?

Techno Gym has exactly the same equipment in it as a normal gym, and everything is operated in exactly the same way. The only difference is that you have a little key (kind of like a USB device) that you insert into each machine you use so your progress can be monitored. Basically, it means your progress is monitored electronically.

The scariest piece of equipment I’ve ever faced. What the hell does it do?

The Benefits of Technogym

Personally, I feel much more motivated using this type of gym than I ever had before. (Please bear in mind though I’ve only been using it a week! Put no credence in my words until at least week 5!) I like working to targets. When I’ve worked out previously, I’ve just done what I wanted, without any real goal or way to monitor progress.

At the end of the session you insert your key into a general monitor and can see exactly how many calories you’ve burnt in the session, which areas of the body you’ve worked on (or neglected, in my case!), and can compare your performance to previous sessions.

Personalised workouts

The thing I like best about Technogym is the persaonlised workouts. I set mine yesterday with one of the instructors. She asked what my goals are in the way of weight loss, and the areas of the body I want to work on, and which equipment I like and don’t like to use, and then set up 2 workout programmes for me; one based on cardio, and one for resistance/toning.

Even better, she was able to see, using my key, exactly what I’d done easily all week, which machines I’d favoured, and what weights I’d used on the resistance machines! She then used this info to help create my individual work out.

Aiming for THIS…

…NOT this!








How Effective is Technogym?

Watch this space! I’m on week one, and have been advised to book in for an official review and fitness test in about 3-4 weeks’ time to check out my progress. I’ll keep you posted though!