It doesn’t matter what age you are or what generation you’re a part of, you’ve heard of the little colorful bricks known as Lego. Even though the company has been so close to bankruptcy on more than one occasion, the bricks have been, and mostly still are, one of the most popular gifts for 8 year old son.

But why is what is quite a basic tool so popular? What makes building blocks such a world-famous toy, so

much so that there are entire ‘lands’ built out of the stuff? Today, we explore six reasons why this is the case. 

#1 – Complete Creativity

Perhaps the most obvious reason that you’ve probably guessed is the fact that Legos allow children to get super creative in pretty much any way they like. Build a toy, a car, a plane, a person, a building, build whatever you want.

Legos allow children to take their creativity to the next level, and there’s no denying how powerful this is and how it helped the bricks become so popular. 

#2 – Can Be Used by Anyone

Another great benefit to having Lego is the fact that anyone can enjoy them. When it comes to toys like dolls, adults and teens don’t really want to play with them, but with Lego, these are suitable and engaging for the whole family to get involved with.

This means all generations can have fun together as a group, which is another obvious reason why they are so popular. 

#3 – Educational Benefits

There are so many learning benefits for Lego, especially when responsibly introduced to children at a younger age. Whether you’re thinking about making robotics, simple automated systems, or cars, Lego helps children approach things logically and with an open mindset; a skill that will stay with them for life.

This even includes motor benefits like improved hand-eye coordination, better reflexes, and stronger problem-solving abilities. 

#4 – Lots of Sets

Another more recent benefit that Lego provides is the fact that there are so many different sets currently available. From cars and movie-themed sets to My Little Pony sets and more, if you can think of a child-friendly brand, the chances are there’s a Lego set to play with.

It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a boy, there’s bound to be a Lego out there for them to enjoy, making it

easy to see why the Lego target market is so widespread. 

#5 – Engage Entire Brain

What’s unique about Lego is the fact it can stimulate both sides of the brain. Due to the creative yet logical nature of playing with Lego, both sides of your child’s brain is stimulated and engaged which makes it ideal for growth and keeping your child happy. 

#6 – 1 Purchase Wonder

The final great thing about Legos is the fact that you only have to buy them once and you can still enjoy endless hours of fun, even years after making the original purchase; not like food. Not only does this make Lego a super-affordable toy, but it’s also one of the longest lasting and, therefore, sustainable. 


As you can see, there are a ton of benefits to Lego, and it’s easy to see then the reasons why the toy is so popular. If you haven’t got Lego in your household, perhaps now is the time to do so!