Are you stuck deciding what to get your partner for Christmas this year? When you ask him what he wants the reply you get most often is, “I don’t know.” Not very helpful! You don’t want to get him something he won’t use and won’t like, but you also want it to be better than anything else he’ll get all year. To help you decide, here is a list of the top gifts to get your man for Christmas this year.

Jet Ski


What man wouldn’t love waking up on Christmas morning to a bright and shiny new jet ski ready to be taken out on the open water? A jet ski is sure to be the best gift he’ll receive all year. While an epic present like this might set you back a pretty penny, it doesn’t have to break your bank. Companies like JSW Powersports offer great deals on all of your water sport needs and can help you find the best craft for your dollar.

Expedition Watch


Gone are the days when watches couldn’t be worn in the shower, or while washing your hands. James Bond has made watches cool again and most watches now embody the classic 007 vibe and are also durable enough to wear in the toughest terrain. While a good portion of men are not gallivanting in the mountains every other day, most like to think that at any moment they can jump into action, and they want a watch that can help them embody this mantra.

DJ Headphones


No one dislikes music. While at a party people will listen to whatever is playing, most people like to enter their own world when they are listening to their own device. Get your man a pair of awesome over the ear headphones so he can feel just like a DJ playing in the club. A lot of electronics providers offer modern styles that can suit any guy’s personality. While a onetime expense, most models will last for a long time to come.

Beard Trimmer


Not all beards are created equal. Some men don’t grow hair, while the ones that do, don’t tend to shave very often. No matter the guy, some facial hair is bound to crop up. Why not get your guy the gift of a modern beard trimmer. Not quite a shaver, a trimmer will keep facial hair clean and polished and not unruly and mountain man-like. This is as much a gift to you, as it is to him!

Power Drill

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Not everything in the house needs fixing (hopefully), but guys like to know that they can step in at any moment and get the job done. Gift your man a great power drill to satisfy his handy-man persona!

Whatever gift you give your man, he’ll most likely just be happy to receive anything. Give a gift from the heart and you can’t go wrong.