Spa Days provide a welcome respite for many of us, particularly if we lead busy day to day lives. While other people find it incredibly relaxing to sit back in a comfy chair with a book, or to indulge in a few hours of a video game in front of the computer, for some of us, a spa day is all we need to get back on track with our lives.

Whether your job is exceedingly stressful, you spend most of the time during the week being a mum and a wife (or a husband and a dad), or if you’ve recently suffered a sporting accident, spa days can help you to take a day out before you get your life back on track. But did you also know that spa days also have long term benefits?

Well if you have a friend or relative who has been working a little too hard lately, why not show them this handy little article, if they’re having doubts on the benefits of taking a spa day out to relax.

Short Term

Reduced Stress

Even just taking a few hours out to relax will have a lasting effect on your stress levels. If we start getting too stressed as a result of too much work, our performance suffers as a result and it just ends up spiralling down into eternity. People find different ways to relax-some may like napping; some may like trying different strains of cannabis (that can be bought from dispensaries like buy my weed online); others may find stress relief in drawing, painting, or writing. Well, a spa treatment can also be an excellent way to wind down and feel free. Spa days allow you to relax and think about nothing for a while, helping you to sleep deeper and also hopefully approach your work a little differently once you come back to it!


Muscle Relaxant

A side effect of working too hard or being too stressed is that you’ll find your muscles aching a lot, even if you’re not doing a lot of exercise. This is indirectly related to the stress you’re feeling, as stress causes your muscles to tense up and ache, therefore causing even more stress. A simple massage or even a dip in the hot tub helps to soothe and alleviate muscles, which helps reduce headaches, making you feel good as new!

Smoother Skin

An effect you’ll immediately notice is that your skin will feel silky smooth; particularly if you treat yourself to a hot scrub. Scrubbing helps us to get rid of all the excess skin and dirt from the weeks work and leaves us feeling like we are practically glowing! Smooth skin is not only healthy and looks great, but it also does wonders for your self confidence.

Long Term

New Hobby!

Even if you’ve never considered a spa day before, it is a great way to sit and relax while catching up with your friends. Spa days are drastically increasing gin popularity because in today’s social media heavy world it is becoming harder and harder to escape the world, since everyone is so connected. A spa day gives you a chance to take a breather and catch up without having to worry about ‘liking’ statuses or whether or not your employer is getting on with their new cat on instagram.


Repairs Damaged Muscles

If you’ve been subject to a sporting injury, even if it is a pulled muscle or a torn ligament; make sure to check with your doctor about the benefits of a spa day. A massage in Wetaskiwin (or elsewhere) and steam rooms might help to relax the muscles, stimulating certain hormones that help to accelerate healing. However, it is always important that you check with your doctor first!

Healthy Joints

In a similar vein to muscle strengthening, sports massage techniques are used to help strengthen tendons and muscles around the joints that make walking or doing heavy exercise painful. This makes a spa day a perfect gift for an elderly relative or as a bonding session, because the benefits speak for themselves!

This makes a spa day a perfect gift for an elderly relative who may be suffering from a health condition. Not only would it be a way to destress and relax a tired body, but it could also be a way to recover from a medical condition.

Gone are the days when Spa Days were only considered for single mums as a means of catching up with their girlfriends; because of the short-term and long-term benefits of spa days, you will now see both men and women of all ages enjoying a few moments of quiet and relaxation. After all, what is the point of life if you’re going to struggle through it stressing out about everything?!