As a mum at Christmas, you know how busy it can get. Not only do you have to continue to do everything you usually do but you also have to make sure that presents are bought, decorations are put up, enough food is bought, and if you’re hosting Christmas, that everything is perfect for your guests.


There is a lot to think about.


It’s no wonder that mums find Christmas wonderful and exhausting in equal measures. This is why it is so important to find yourself the perfect gift at this time of year. You’re usually so focused on what everyone else wants that you don’t think about yourself, but you should – be selfish for once; it’s completely allowed. So what should you put on your Christmas list this year?


Some Me-Time

Whether you’re buying this perfect gift for yourself or you’re hinting to someone else to get it for you, the result should be the same; you should end up with the ideal Christmas present that means something and that you love. Getting some ‘me-time’ is the kind of gift that will fit the bill exactly, in whichever form you want it.


Me-time simply means being able to get away from it all for a little while. No matter how much you love your family and home, sometimes it’s good to go away and gather your thoughts and re-energise a little. You can do this via a spa day or perhaps an overnight stay somewhere lovely. Maybe you want to try a new hobby, and a voucher to get your started is just what you need. Or what about having someone else take the kids out for the day, giving you some time and space at home? Add in some bath bombs, candles, music, a good book, a DVD box set, and maybe a glass of wine or two and you’ve got the perfect me-time set up.



Jewellery is the perfect gift for you this Christmas. It’s beautiful, there is bound to be something that suits your style, and it is timeless; one gorgeous piece of jewellery can be worn for many years to come, so you can spend a little more knowing that it will be a long term investment.


Earrings from are a great example of why jewellery is such a good idea as a gift when you are looking for something just for you. With so many styles, colours, shapes, sizes, and a price to suit everyone, you can pick and choose your absolute favourite pair and then wear them when you want to feel good.



Do you find that, as a busy mum, you don’t eat as well as you should? Maybe you pick and graze throughout the day, or you don’t eat until very late in the evening when all the ‘mum jobs’ are complete and you finally get to sit down.


Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down to a proper meal, at a reasonable time, and enjoy every mouthful? A restaurant voucher will give you that opportunity, or, if you prefer to stay at home, what about a recipe box subscription? Try new flavours and learn new cooking techniques and have everything you need delivered right to your door.