The marketing industry has three sides which appear to be at war with each other, with the first two to be addressed seemingly fighting in the same corner against the third.

The Bad

The bad side of the marketing industry is one which prioritises the relentless pursuit of sales at the expense of absolutely everything else, including the health and wellbeing of the people they’re trying to sell products and services to as well as those who are part of the production process of those products and services. A good example of this is something like an underground marketing network which brands and packages illegal or unregulated products and services, which in turn were produced unethically, like through the operation of sweat shops all the way on the other side of the world.

The Ugly

The marketing and advertising industry often gets very, very ugly, where people’s emotions are played with and some of the youngest victims used to notch-up sales are innocent children. Oppressed and disadvantaged groups of people are also often targeted by these unethical advertisers who get away with it because they operate within the cracks of the system which regulates the marketing and advertising industry. There are so many examples we can zone-in on, such as one which had a certain high-profile marketer many years ago advocating for women to be allowed to smoke, referring to cigarettes as “torches of freedom!” Sure, it wasn’t good that one of the ways in which women were oppressed was through prohibiting them from smoking, but there is nothing noble about advocating for them to be free to engage in what is essentially a harmful practice.

The Good

It was perhaps the natural order of proceedings to start with the bad and ugly sides of the marketing industry, before getting to the good side. Selling is not bad and in fact the only reason you have any money to spend is because either you’re some kind of salesperson or you work for a company which was built on sales. Either way, selling is what drives modern day life and in fact it’s what has driven life for centuries already.

So if someone is trying to sell you something, which is ultimately done through marketing and advertising, by no means does that make them bad. If you are the one who needs to make sales for your survival, don’t be afraid to ABC – Always Be Closing, as they say. Don’t be afraid to come out with your sales offer.

With that in mind we conclude by discussing what can account for the good side of the marketing industry and it simply entails the marketing and advertising of solutions that are constructive and add value to the community. If you can make money showing people how to quit smoking for example, in order to make that effort worth your while, does it harm anyone that you’re perhaps also promoting vaping products to help with that goal and in so doing you’re making a little bit of money?

If anything, the world we’re currently living in needs more of this type of marketing – the good kind of marketing!