Keeping your child fit and healthy isn’t just about cutting down on their screen time and ensuring that they play out in the fresh air. It’s also about ensuring that their diet is as healthy as it can be — no, this doesn’t necessarily mean loading their plate with greens that they’re not going to touch, either. You have to be more tactical than that.

To make sure that your child only ever eats and drinks foods and beverages that make them healthier, you’re going to have to implement the following changes into their diet:

Cut down on sugar strategically

Too much sugar is going to have a detrimental impact on your child’s health — it could lead to obesity later on in life, for instance. One of the most important tasks that you face in this instance, then, is cutting down on the sugar that you allow your child to consume. He or she isn’t going to take too kindly to this act, though, especially if, so far in life, they have grown up being able to eat whatever sugary treat they like, whenever they like.

You have to be strategic when it comes to cutting out sugar from your child’s diet. To do this, you should:

  • Never ban sugar entirely — a no sweets rule will make your child want to overindulge on sugar even more so than before.
  • Try out new recipes that do not require you to use as much sugar — there are plenty of ingredients out there that can supplement for the loss of sugar in a dish.
  • Introduce them to non-sugary drinks — water, home-made smoothies, and squashes, more often than not, taste just as nice as, say, lemonade does.
  • Create your own sweet treats — a good tip in this particular instance is to freeze 100% fruit juice and serve them up as popsicles once they have frozen (remember to stick plastic spoons into them to act as handles)

Find healthier alternatives and make indistinct changes to their diet accordingly

If it tastes the same, how are your children ever going to know that you swapped out their favourite food or drink for a far healthier alternative? There’s nothing wrong with telling a little white lie in this instance, as it will result in your child being much healthier without them whining and moaning about the changes that have occurred.

One change that you could make in a bid to lower your child’s cholesterol and sugar intake, for instance, is to swap their usual milk for camel milk. By doing so, your child’s general well-being will be improved, their body’s natural defences will be promoted, and they will be able to enjoy a far more nutritional drink. When it comes to finding out where to buy camel milk, make sure to check out Camilk, a leading supplier in this type of beverage.

Oh, and remember to cross your fingers and pray that your child doesn’t realise that you have made a change to their diet with them knowing!

As their parent, it’s your job to ensure that your child is as healthy as possible. Take the above advice, and that’ll be sure to be the case.