Why newborn baby clothes are the ideal present for a babyshower. Find out what clothing is best suited for a newborn when gifting baby wear.


Balloons, tea and cake, and maybe a trip down memory lane with pictures of the parents-to-be in their baby years. Or a guess who of the guests’ own bonny baby pics. Babyshowers are fun. It’s exciting to be part of the buzz surrounding your friends’ or relative’s young family. This is the day, if any, to gift them something special.

In the early days


Clothes are the number one item guests offer new parents when calling in to meet baby for the first time. But what happens a lot is that the little outfits are already too small. Or they’re for a few months down the line and get set aside, only to be retrieved when baby is too big for them. Typical. Or they fit, but in the blur of sleepless nights, mum and dad don’t get around to washing them.

That’s what baby showers are actually for. Wrapped in a fun-filled day overlooked by loved ones, they help parents get organised and be ready for baby’s arrival.

Popcorn Containers in Shallow Focus Photography


Toys and deco objects are a wonderful present which will bring a smile to parents’ faces when baby comes. Not to mention a touch of colour to any maternity ward bedside table.

Clothes, on the other hand, are best pre-washed, folded and tidied away neatly in baby’s wardbrobe. Having them ready when the family comes home will save precious time. Anything to take the pressure off will make a huge difference. Your gift may not be as sparkly as some others at the babyshower. Although with some bright and bold outfits there’s room for debate on that one. Its real magic awaits only a little bundle of joy gracing her parents with her presence to be revealed. They’ll thank you for it again later, you’ll see.

A soft touch


Good news for would-be babyshower fairies out there! Since you’re offering clothes to baby before birth, you can fully indulge in the smallest and cutest pieces you cast your eyes on. Here are a few hints to help you pick only the very best.


If you want your babygrow to have a chance of being singled out by mum-to-be for her maternity suitcase, keep it soft and simple. In other words, go back to basics. 100% cotton is what’s best for baby’s skin. You needn’t shy away from plain white, either. It will show off baby’s features better and lend itself to her first photoshoot remarkably well. If you see the Oeko Tex logo on the label, you’re on the right track. The item you are looking at is free of harmful chemicals. This is especially important for a newborn whose skin is so fine and delicate.

If you like it cosy, you may add a sleepsuit to match the babygrows. How sweet can a baby get when wearing an elegant stripy sleepsuit! At this tender age, baby is likely to get a good wear out of it because he’ll show off in it during the day too. All the more reason to give in to your aww factor when a nice motif jumps out at you. For this item you can go a size or two up, as it will still fit around the top of the body. This way baby will have more room to wiggle his legs and enjoy his sleeping bag longer before growing out of it.

For anyone who’s not impressed by these timeless gifts, a padded sleeping bag will bring extra oomph to your gift box.


With literally thousands of newborn baby clothes to choose from, this is a present worth spending time picking carefully. Slip a personal note along with your items to convey more meaning to your practical and beautiful present. And enjoy hugging baby in his cuddly outfit! That’s what you call good team work.